Raising her finger to signal an educational moment, Miss says, “When facing a Jekel, the victims typically believe they are in another realm when, in fact, they’re not that far apart from each other with their minds simply tricking them.  I believe Elfie is probably suffering the same, uh, dilemma.  I think we need to find where Faye Worley would take him that’s so important to her and yet somewhere out of the way that would be difficult to find.  I have a hunch of where that is, but since I wasn’t around at the time, I’m just guessing where that would have been committed.”

    “What is that referring to?” Gigi asks.

    Miss stops moving for a second and looks Grace in the eye.  “Hon,” her words begin to come out as simply mission-related info, but as she understands what she’s going to say and to whom, Miss takes the time to talk to her friend.  “Grace, I can only say this so carefully.  I believe the J Tot’s chosen location to keep Ent hidden was the same spot she and Owan were discovered.  I, obviously, wasn’t there, so I don’t know where they would hide.”

    Now that she understands, Gigi thinks of possible spots, trying to ignore the fact that she’s going to have to visit this place soon.  “It’s not like Mom casually walked up and saw them in the hall.  We weren’t even here, and she knew to return.  I’d say we check surveillance or something.”  This idea would be great, but that requires security clearances they don’t have.  However, Miss is able to communicate with Missy back home and get the superior override code from the main HQ.  As the duo make it to the security room, they check the feeds from today, grateful that the thing is still intact with all that’s gone on so far, which implies Gigi has to watch her boyfriend cheat on her.

    “I can’t do it,” she says.  “You’re going to have to watch it for me.”

    “Of course, my little sister,” says Miss.  “I’ve got you covered, and I’m sorry I didn’t suggest that sooner.”  As the friend checks the video, she sees their next location and pulls Gigi by the hand down the hall.  “Okay, so, here’s what’s going to happen,” Miss explains, “you’re going to keep your own eyes open so I don’t have to drag you if you trip from not seeing where we run.  When I tell you, I want you to close your eyes, and stop running, obviously.  You won’t have to know where we are because we’ll be close enough that we can actually enter Elfie’s J Tot dream with him.  It’s weird, but it’s been done.

    Sure enough, they arrive to the scene of the crime and follow their plan perfectly so that Gigi doesn’t have to deal with this memory right now.  Thanks to Miss’s knowledge of the situation, the girls succeed in hijacking Whirly’s nightmare to help Elfie in his endless endeavor to stay alive.  As soon as she sees her brother, Gigi realizes he’s struggling and thus uses her temporary Infinite Warrior abilities to increase his.  They can share power this way, even if it will all end when the setting is over.  It’s like when you rent a game and you have to beat it before the due date.  I wonder if the late fees are infinite as well.

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