“Paul!  Baby!  You’re my hero!  I’m going to marry you till I’m blue in the face!”  Kammy shouts as she starts to hug her man before her aches slow this process down.  They still hug, but carefully.

    Our humble hero explains, “I remember seeing it in one of our history books and thought, ‘Wow!  That’s neat!’ but forgot to download it into my suit’s attacks.  Someone whispered to me right before I was to be digitized to try the attack, so I did and it worked.  I saw you here, so I tried it again.  Now, can we please not talk about marriage right now?  I’d really rather save the romance for later.”

    Ever the genius, and a good girlfriend, Kam figures out his trauma probably included a hallucination involving her, so she eagerly tells him the truth of why she’s always saying stuff she doesn’t mean.  She tells Paul how much she loves him and revels in the freedom to finally be able to speak clearly for herself.  In the meantime, Jo heals the girl’s wounds, asking forgiveness yet again for the violent rant Jo went on earlier while scolding her for forgetting that she’s an Infinite Warrior at the moment.

    “Oh, yeah!  I could have totally defended myself, maybe even beat that thing!”  Kammy quickly figures out the tot’s influence probably made her forget.  After this, Kam hears Jo ask about Mercy with Paul saying she was already captured, and even accidentally hit in the blast of his powerful attack.  This means he accidentally killed his mother in the process.  Trying to comfort him, Crystal tells her boyfriend, “She’s in the Drawing Board now, and will be happy to see you soon.  But Paul, I want you to think about the fact that for all the things that J Tot made me say or forget, she was never able to take away my love for you or make me forget what an incomparable hero I have as my best friend.  I don’t care what you’ve heard; when I say I’m going to marry you, I’m going to marry you.  Now, who is this Elfie?  I don’t know who you’re talking about, he he!”  With this, she smiles and winks.  Paul smiles back at her, and these two share a very needed moment of assurance that their love for one another truly is genuine and unhindered by any malevolent intent.  They and Jo are then digitized by the latest wave of J Tots who were extremely careful to ambush them before Paul’s dangerous attack could be used again.

    As the faces of their prisons adjust to their own, the voice feature is turned off to ensure that no harm will come to the J Tots.  Oh, and the tots holding Jo and Kammy didn’t need to change since they already share the same pretty faces of their victims.

    At the same time all of this has been going on, Miss has been guiding Gracie Grace to where Ent is, somewhere deep within the school.  Along the way, they find time to converse.

    “I really don’t like these belts being so high!  I should’ve used a later model for this battle suit!”  Miss complains as she keeps adjusting this culprit that’s up to her belly button.

    “Oh, that’s right,” Grace replies, “you always wear one of those uniforms with the longer skirts because you usually serve inside nowadays.  How did you manage when you worked as Missy’s bodyguard?”

    Miss states, “Oh, honey, our outfits have gone through so many changes over the years, it’s pitiful.  Some of them were great, but others were better at looks than practicality.  I just really hope I survive this so I can adjust things.”

    “Aren’t you an Infinite Warrior?” Gigi ponders.

    “Yeah, I’m also lazy and currently busy.”

    Gigi’s face shows her confusion as she asks, “You can’t stop complaining about how irritating your belt is, and yet it’s not bad enough to simply adjust the level by a few inches?”

    “Look, sweetie,” Miss remarks in a less-than-amused tone, “did you come to help me, or did I come to help you?  I could be safe back on Juniper, so I’d appreciate a little less backtalk about my life choices, okay?”

    Chuckling to cover up her annoyance, Grace responds, “Whatever.  How are we going to find Elfie again?”

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