Then, smiling bitterly, Faye says, “Now that I don’t need you, I’m going to make you scream in agony since that’s all your mouth can say right!  Then again, you probably scream incorrectly, too.”

    But while Kammy starts to receive another beating, there is something else you should know.  She isn’t the only one feeling the tot’s punches.  You see, every victim is being subjected to their own form of psychological torture, and for Jo Meyers, watching the genuine artifact of her granddaughter being talked down to, being told all these horrible things and then being beaten is more torture than any scenario the tots could conjure up.  So, they just let Josey watch her loved one get smacked.

    “Lady Jo,” a little voice whispers in her ear, “you’re one goreous woman, quite the hot and spicy recipe.  You know this, I know this, your colleagues know this and Doug knows this.  That’s why he’s all proper whopper when he’s around you.  He’s one of those goody goobers.”

    Annoyed, Jo grunts, “You’re really trying this with my kid being killed in front of my eyes?”

    Tot explains, “Well, you see, that’s the thing.  Y’all started it.  We’re just defending ourselves.  Think about it; we’ve been here for years.  Our mommy has been hiding for her life for how long?  It’s your friends that have been after her just for what she is, not what she’s done.  Did we attack the school?  No, Duplica tried to attack us when she found out I made a little mistake in my weakness.  You know her temper.”  The tot goes on to review the events of the day from the perspective that the System Guards are the bullies here, just like with the first Allure.  “You saw it yourself.  It wasn’t us who killed your son, but their ‘holy energy.’  Doesn’t sound very Christian to me.”  It’s pointed out to Jo that no one specifically said her husband cheated on her just because he realized who the true monsters are.  “Besides, even if the two of you decide to give our wild ways a try, it’s not that bad compared to being a dictator to everyone.”

    The tot then makes a deal with Jo.  She won’t demand anything extreme of her, just a kiss.  If Jo will fulfill this little demand, as a token of friendship, the tot will overlook Kammy trying to start a fight with her sister and stop the beating.  The situation does look pretty convincing, but Jo can’t get the thought of Kamron’s resolve out of her mind.  She may not have heard her granddaughter’s prayer of thanks, but she knows her well enough to know that it would be an insult if Jo gave in while her dear child died staying true to God.  “I won’t yield.  I choose to follow God’s plan.”  At this declaration, Jo Meyers is rewarded with a song.  Her granddaughter doesn’t even know this conversation is happening when she, on her own, decides to start singing praise to God, getting so in to it that she almost ignores the tot pummeling her, though it’s obviously hard.

    Kammy laughs and quietly says, “They may not work, but thanks for giving me my Baby Z and Z2 back.  I pray Paul’s okay.”

    “Wanna’ know a secret?” the tot growls in agitation.  “I’ve been very mild on your punishment because your grandmother is watching.  But since she thinks her heart is so pure, I’m going to be a little more graphic in my testing of her resolve, and of your endurance.  Do you have any last requests before this gets ugly?”

    Ignoring the question, Kammy shouts, “I’m proud of you, Granny!  I’ll see you in the Drawing Board as soon as AB figures this out, so hold on just a little bit longer, okay?”

    But Kammy’s expectations are taken away by two simple words.


    Now that someone actually knows how to properly use the command, this ancient code does its job of completely eradicating all the surrounding J Tots.  Think of this as kind of like control-alt-delete.  This means that both courageous women have been rescued from their impending doom.

    But hang on a second; who is the knight in shining armor who saved the Meyers ladies?

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