Raising her twin cannons at the mime, Kam says, “Yeah, well, I have enough brains to know how to aim, so there’s that.”  However, when she goes to fire her weapons, they do nothing.

    “Like I said,” Tot mutters with no hint of laughter, “you have no brains, you sorry wannabe who’s done nothing but been right there, haunting me and Elfie for far too long.”

    “Oh, get over yourself!”  Kammy checks her weapons while scolding the thing.  “Look, real or not, you can rest assured that I got over my Elfie long ago.  I’d say he’s all yours if you weren’t about to get scrapped.”

    “Who is your boyfriend?” Tot asks.  “What is the name of the man you love?”

    “You can have Paul for all I care if you somehow change into a good girl, HA!  But Entoni Franklin will always be the man I love.”  Kammy quickly tilts her head back to motion her hair along with it, all confident in her love for…Entoni?

    “Say it again!” the Tot is now smiling again as she claps.

    “Say what?”  When once again challenged about her romantic interests, she repeats it.  “I’m going to marry Entoni Franklin, and you’re going to just be a faint memory in the mind of Paul!”  As she declares this, she finally has her ears open to the words she’s been saying.  This is the moment when Kammy learns about the depth of cruelty Faye has been using on her for years now.  However, before her heart can be broken, it’s determined her body should suffer first.  The tot rushes in, causing Kammy to use her offline cannons to protect herself, but the tot was going for this, and thus catches them both in her little hands by the red bayonets, breaking the blades off and quickly shoving them up through the centers of their respective guns before crushing both weapons in around the broken objects so that Meyers is no longer able to use them, as if it mattered with Faye’s ability to control technology anyway.

    With her offensive game in a real jam, Kammy is forced to endure the merciless beating of the tot, sending her back and forth in the air, bouncing her off the ground and so forth.  After a few minutes of being used as a volleyball and such, Kammy is caught by the tot’s hair, mockingly stealing one of Kammy’s own moves.  This reminds the girl of the fact that she can do this to, but something inside her says not to try and risk being hurt even worse.  Kammy is too afraid to defend herself and just takes the beating.  The tot sees this lack of response and grows irritated enough to just throw Kammy down with a mighty whip of the hair and contemplate how to wake this girl up.

    As Kammy finds a moment of rest with the tot planning her next method of torture, the girl realizes there’s nothing she can do, so she simply mutters a prayer.  “God, thank you for letting me have Baby Z and Z2.  I was very happy to be a warrior for you, but if you are ready to take them back, then I willingly give them to you.  I love you.”  Having no idea what nonsense her enemy is babbling, the tot rages at her, still furious that she makes no effort to fight back.

    “You were the most annoying thing I could ever lay eyes on for six years, and now you just lie around because I broke your stupid toys?  HERE!”  And with that, Kammy’s weapons are perfectly repaired.  “Do I really have to do everything for you like I’ve done all this time, you stupid little puppet?!”

    Kammy bitterly roars back, “You’ve done nothing but feed me lies, telling me I was your sister, your best friend, how we were this and that.  I gave you your stupid Elfie.  Why wasn’t that enough for you?!  I loved you and thought of you as my hero.”  She weeps and says, “I’m not moving because I’m willing to die and let you have your sick way if it appeases you, oh Princess of the Universe!  I hate seeing you like this, even if I know now that you were always this way.”

    “That made no sense,” Tot mocks.  “You see what I mean?  You only got your style, your smooth talking and your boyfriend because I needed a cover.  I molded you, Kamron.  You can’t speak for yourself or think for yourself.  You fumble and say the wrong thing, so I have to talk for you, and sometimes, I take joyful advantage of that by having you say things that either hurt your little Paulie or make everyone think YOU’RE the villain.”

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