Even though she truly loves Paul, she’s ashamed of what she is and for her cruelty in pretending to want to break up.  Because of her nature, she may have a superficial interest in Elf, but she loves Paul.  In response to his selflessness earlier, she reciprocates the act by agreeing to “break up” after which her best friend gladly asks if they can start dating again.  With Kammy’s odd history explained, the couple proceeds to help their apparent family.  Unfortunately, Mercy starts complaining about not having enough power.  Jo points out there are no husbands here which then causes Mercy to suggest vile things for her creations, saying, “Just this once.  God will forgive us.”  As Jo compares the options of being joined to the woman that stole her husband or giving into her anger to save the universe, she gives in to Mercy’s wicked plan, disappearing into the darkness, as do the other Pretty Faces shortly thereafter.  The only ones not to give in to Mercy’s desperate idea are Kam and Paul, as they weren’t informed of the plan.

    As Mercy’s strength increases enough to stay on par with Ally J., she continues to complain that she’s so very close to overpowering this woman.  Eventually, however, she sees that her strength is waning, leaving her with no other option.  She looks at Paul and begs for his forgiveness.  By now, Kammy has subtly hinted at where her grandmother and the others went to, and why Mercy is suddenly stronger.  This conversation gets to the main point.  Even though Paul and Kammy aren’t married, the only way to stop Ally J. is to give Allure the energy boost she’d get from the power of true love between this couple.  Paul is disgusted and instantly refuses while Kammy’s cheeks flood with tears.  She says this is not what she wants either and just cries.  The more pressure that is put on Allure, the more she pleads and reasons with Paul as this is the only way.  Soon, Kammy starts talking down to herself as she regrets having to verbalize her agreement with Allure.  Even Ally J. makes a few cruel jokes along the way.

    Finally, the moment arrives when Paul sees he has no choice.  “If I don’t do this, Kammy, you will die.”  He thinks about how everyone else present has given in while the rest of the universe is being destroyed.  He looks down for a second and evaluates the options before looking Kamron Meyers in the eye and saying, “I’m sorry, but there are just some things worth dying for.”  Paul has made his choice.  He’d rather die in his integrity.  “It’s never the right thing to do the right thing if you have to do the wrong thing.”  He’s not sure if he quoted it right, but he’s got the moral of the story down for sure.

    With his virtuous stand made, Paul witnesses Kammy’s expression turn into that of pure hatred as her eye glow that familiar red.  Mercy, Jo and the others all gather around him with the same angry scowl before each woman turns into a laughing J Tot, mockingly repeating all of the romantic things he had said to a Kammy he wasn’t even talking to.  “You’re actually stupid enough to believe anything, Paul!  That’s why the nerd and the rugrat put up with you while Faye never even acknowledged your presence, he he he!”  And with this, they commence their attack.  Paul screams.

    The reality is that Paul’s mom, Mercy, is obviously not Allure.  In fact, as far as her battle is concerned, his poor mother had been digitized sometime after everyone was separated with the combined pain of her past as a villain, her insufficiency as a System Guard and the cheap love of her husband being taken away from her by her old boss all beating her down until she was ready for the taking.  Incidentally, the real Hart and Karon were also digitized by their old master elsewhere moments ago.  Ally J. is very pleased to have all her surviving Solars working for her again.

    I supposed that just leaves the Meyers girls to talk about in contrast to those we were falsely led to believe were present in Paul’s nightmare.

    The next victim to discuss is Kamron, whose future has already been specified to be much different from that of everyone else as her J Tot friend has many bitter things to say.  “If Mom thinks I’m sharing a body with YOU, Kammy, then she can just crawl up a TREE!” this tot hisses in strong defiance.  “You know the history between you and Faye, and you know I have every nauseating memory we collected over the years.  I’ve always hated you and I’m going to make every ounce of your DNA scream in pain before I destroy you.  You don’t GET to live forever, you brainless geek!”

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