With a transformation beyond Paul’s wildest dreams, his mother grows a bit and changes into a form he clearly remembers from the CFA days of New Ruyngard.  “No, how can you be that woman?!  This is a lie!”

    Trying to squeeze four pages into a few paragraphs, I’ll summarize things.  Paul learns that Allure served several years in System Guard prison where she was finally taught right and wrong.  She eventually finished her sentence and changed her name to Mercy, moving to the early years of the Dogwood Galaxy.  Even though she was reformed, she still needed to feed on the concept of human physical love, so she created Jo and the other Solar Girls to go get married and have clean, biblical marriages.  This is why there were “aliens” in a universe where everyone should have the same ancestry.  Allure never invaded the privacy of her creations’ marriages, but the marital acts done among the wholesome couples was still similar enough to Allure’s former food source to keep her alive until she could be fully free of this curse.  This, however, turned out bad when most of her Pretty Faces joined Ally J. when she first showed up long ago.  With Duplica’s help, Mercy rescued as many of her daughters as possible and decided she needed a new strategy.  When Ally returned and started an affair with Mercy’s husband, the betrayed woman knew the time to act had come.  Since the Faces are not related, it wasn’t such a big deal to make another girl for Jo’s son to marry, ensuring the granddaughter’s Pretty Face powers wouldn’t be diluted by this universe’s DNA distribution atmosphere.  Yes, Kammy Crystal Meyers and Ima Crystal Mendez are distant cousins.

    Kammy was designed to marry the most powerful person in her school, which left her personal choice, technically, up to her.  However, she genuinely fell in love with Paul, which still fit fine with Mercy’s plan since the strength of true love works just as well for her intensions.  Basically, the marriage between Paul and Kammy, while genuinely their choice from the start, should be enough to stop Ally J.  The only problem is she launched her attack before the couple could get married.  In fact, as Mercy explains this, Ally J. herself shows up and starts attacking her old idol.  While Jo and the others help Mercy, Kammy stops Paul from joining in so she can apologize properly.

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