After Ally says this, the Rugs and Abbie watch in disgusted horror as the J Tot convulses while enjoying a fit of childish laughter before saying in a traditional computer voice, “Now loading.”  The tot violently leans forward so her hair covers her head.  As she slowly raises back up, the face finally becomes visible again.  It is not the face of Faye, but of the tot’s victim.

    “The PACs data was assimilated into that of my J Tot.  They are now one and the same.”

    “Hey!  What happened to me?”  The tot’s voice is different and its expression is no longer one of utter ecstasy but of panic.  “Why can’t I move?”

    That’s when the real voice speaks.  “You belong with me now!  We gots married!”

    “Huh?  What are you talking about?  Where did you go?”  This other voice is the PAC inside, speaking with the mouth of her captor as the two now share a body.

    “I ate you up, and now you’re all mine!  We’ll be married forever!  Now, let’s go kill your friends.  It’s going to take a while for you to get used to that, so we’d better jump right in, he he he!”  And with this, the tot fades away with its victim screaming from within.

    “That poor girl…” Abbie says, nauseated at what she just saw.

    “We’re going to have to do it,” Cat says.  “We have to destroy the tot and send her to the Drawing Board for now.  She might be dead, but at least she’ll be free of that nightmare.”

    “HahahahahaHAHAHAHAHA!”  Spinning around in celebration, Ally says, “Yes, yes, go kill that kid and tell me how that feels!”  Stopping to point at her rival, Allure declares, “You should have paid better attention when I said my name, the End of All Things.”

    Elsewhere, we find Paul standing in the dark, keeping his guard up until his opponent has made herself known.  That’s when he hears a loud explosion nearby, drawing his attention to someone flying through the air before rolling along the ground from the boom she just made.  It’s Kammy.  Rushing over to her, he picks her up and asks if she’s okay.  She spits on the ground and says she’s fine, standing up and brushing herself off.

    “Sorry to scare you like that, hon,” she apologizes.  “I had yet another score to settle with that girl.  Now, we need to work on getting out of this mess or finding the others.”

    Paul lightly tugs the back of Kammy’s hair as he walks by, saying, “Glad you’re okay, punk.”  The two then decide to fly, as if this will do any good in this endless place.  Finally, Paul suggests, “We’re Infinites now.  Why don’t we try teleporting?”

    “Good idea,” she congratulates him.  “Actually, this might explain why Aunt Abbie couldn’t find Elfie.  Since we’re teleporting in this realm anyway, we might as well make sure my Edge is okay.”

    “Why do you keep saying that?”  Paul has had enough of Kammy jumping at another boy as soon as he’s available.

    His girlfriend, however, is highly confused.  “What do I keep saying?  Did I speak without my brain again?!”

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