Ally continues, “The things I am about to do are things I could have done to end this at any time, but I waited until all the fornicators received their due reward, he he.  Now that it is just the righteous, I wish to test your faith, I suppose.  Granted, I’ll forego the pain in my side of reviving old villains like Arion Jekel would have done.  I don’t want to deal with other people trying to be the general of MY army, and I’m sure you can appreciate a little mercy.  Speaking of little Mercy, it’s good to see she was able to spare her husband.  Now, she and Paul can love and forgive Marc as they all die together.  That being said, I showed your world the only compassion a Jekel will have ever shown in this System’s history, so now my obligations are met and I can unleash my full wrath upon the sister I’ve always, ALWAYS thoroughly hated…you.”

    The darkness surrounding everyone soon isolates each person to stand alone with their respective opponents.  Only Cat, Doug and Abbie remain together with Ally J.  Where these four are, images materialize all across the abyss to show the trio of heroes a live presentation of all their friends across the universe.  They now get to watch everyone die.  “How ironic!” Ally says.  “In my haste to reward the unfaithful with death, I made the mistake of pleasuring them all with the safe, comfy comfort of the Drawing Board while the ones who stayed true will all suffer an eternal punishment that will deny them that precious opportunity of rest with their fallen comrades.  Whoops!  The good news is they’ll still be alive and well, and a part of the greatest army in history!”

    Among the several live scenes playing through the dark air, Ally points to the one set on Earth as she can tell this is about to be a good example of her superior power.  “Oo, goody!  Watch this, Cathy!  You see the brave little captain and her four surviving rookies fighting with their precious Sakura Griffin?  Well, now that they’re all separated, this troublesome tyke that ruined my chances of completely dominating Old Earth is not going to get any help this time.  And see how she’s already starting to crack under the pressure of my power to make fear and regret into material objects?  But don’t worry, I’m done trying to make you all defect.  It would kill the fun of what happens next!”

    “From the moment Ultimax’s Galactic Phantoms entered into existence, you all were warned of this day,” Allure gloats.  “Behold, she is your Fate, and she is very much crueler than death.”

    Watching the poor girl shrink and be consumed in the tot’s red glow, Cat voices what is happening.  “She’s being digitized!  Faye was a Powered, a Techpac, I guess.”

    Laughing triumphantly, Ally gives the specifics.  “Just like the phantoms of Ultimax and the ones I made last year, my little girls can digitize you all to use as power sources like the machines from Storyboard XL.  However, unlike every other model before, MY precious creations have an amazing upgrade that I just KNOW you will love!”

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