Angel steps in and adds, “And now, I want to share that grace with you, Red Fire.  You mentioned your friend Rocket and spoke as if I’m her biggest hero.  With the times she and I have spoken, it was you she talked about the most.  I bet right now, she’s begging the System Director to let you come back when this is over, because you are her best friend and hero, as I know she is yours.  Now, there’s something else about my past that Owan hinted at but didn’t explain yet.  Would you like to see what I looked like before I was finally able to enjoy my naturally black hair again?”

    Curious as ever, Red eagerly agrees to this offer.

    “Here’s a picture of the old me.”

    “The Red WHAT?!” Fire shouts as she quickly gets it.  “That’s not possible!”

    “I told you nobody would’ve caught it,” Owan reminds her.

    “That’s right,” Angel says, “I don’t remember my real name.  Even as an Infinite, I’ve never had an interest to search my old memories for it, because by the time I was able to do such a thing, I was happy anyway.  When the System Guards found me, I was the lone survivor of a horrible accident that gave me frightening power.  I was still able to reason with people, for the most part, but my appearance and fiery powers were so intense that most of my fellow SGs were afraid of me, even if they knew I would never hurt them.  They tried to give me all kinds of codenames like we all have, but nothing ever really stuck.  The name I have written here was one of the names that was used more prevalently, but it also faded away.  Angel-this, Angel-that, This-angel, That-angel, and on it went.  I thought it was funny, even though doing my taxes was highly inconvenient without an establish title.  Then, after years of training and all those crazy missions, I finally reached the level of an Infinite Warrior.  I was then able to, once and for all, free myself of my wild appearance and be like everyone else.

    “From there, just like Owan said, I did do a few things I’m not proud of, nor would I promote them.  Follow God and not your own faulty wisdom.  But also, like Owan said, God was merciful enough to bring me out of that.  I had plenty of more great years both on New Ruyngard and occasionally visiting my friends at HQ.  In fact, I spend more time with them now, out there in Juniper, than I ever did, and I’ll tell you that I spent a lot of time with my many, many best friends.  I don’t know where you’ll end up, Red, but if you follow God, this dark time in your life will be replaced by His shining glory, because it’s not about what YOU do or about what YOU don’t do.  It’s about God, and that’s what it’s supposed to be about.  It’s about Jesus Christ, because Jesus Christ is the only thing that matters.  Everything we do is to point others to Him, to His precious red blood that He shed when He died, and to the amazing power of His resurrection from the dead.  Everyone that believes in Him, God’s Son, will have everlasting life.  I’m fairly confident that when our author goes to heaven, having already put his trust in Jesus, that his PACs will go with him, in whatever capacity that might be.  But that’s another matter.”

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