That is when a Storyboard XI System Guard legend teleports in front of Red Fire.  “Why, hello there!”  This lovely lady was contacted by Owan and asked to come meet this weeping woman.

    “So, yeah,” Owan begins, “let me explain my surprise.  I want you to remember that you are original, but just like all my most valuable lessons were learned through interviews with my heroes, I now get to be the teacher for you.  I have to say that the reason I like your new hair so much is because I don’t think any one of us time-traveling scholars would have ever caught this if you hadn’t changed your hair.  Ya coulda’ done without all the other Allure nonsense, but the hair is beautiful.  SO, Angel, she was a System Guard that retired and became a CFA champion, one of the best.  While she sat back in luxury with a new husband and soon had a daughter to raise, she happened to live in the era of New Ruyngard when the first Allure was secretly corrupting their society.  Angel was one of the SGs to give into the compromising ways as she herself was in the midst of a transition of accepting herself after finally being free of a terrible accident that had left her trapped as a fiery monster for years.  She was finally able to appreciate being a normal woman, even stepping out of her shy persona to be more attractive and outgoing.  This perfectly fine transition was turned into a not-so-fine era in her life that could’ve ended badly if the SGs hadn’t put a stop to Allure.  Angel realized she was wrong, stopped sinning and grew to become an even more respectable woman than ever before, and if you know Angel, that’s saying something.”

    “So,” Red says to this SG hero, “I guess we have more in common than I thought.  I never bothered talking to you more than a simple greeting because everyone always said you were Angel Rocket’s double.  I never realized I could learn so much from someone like you.  Honestly, I didn’t know you had that kind of past.”

    Bumping into her with his shoulder, Owan says, “That’s the point of moving on.  You don’t make excuses for sinning here and there on the side.  You recognize it was wrong and never do it again.  You can’t always be fully restored to a job position or some responsibility that was given to, and in those cases, you look for God’s new mission He has for you, custom-designed to fit you perfectly, not as a second-place substitute, but as a beautiful display of His might and mercy.  BUT If you do have the opportunity to regain a former spot you lost, run with it and don’t let your guilt stop you.  Remember, if God deems it HIS priority to give you something you don’t deserve, do not waste His gift by deciding what punishment you should be getting.  Use His grace wisely to share it with someone else.”

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