Others around them echo similar things, with some even quoting verses like “Be sure your sin will find you out,” and “flee fornication” or even 1 Thessalonians 4:3 which says, “For this is the will of God, even your sanctification, that you should abstain from fornication.”  While there may be a time when you must be like Joseph and say no, the Bible actually presents the case that your vital chance to escape comes much earlier than most people account for.  Rather than trying to resist the specific temptation of lust, the Bible actually warns that you should be careful to avoid such situations in the first place as it’s very often too late to resist once the scene is set.  Now, back to you, Owan.

    “Okay, second lesson,” he says, “what do we do about it now?”

    Putting her helmet to his head and pushing him a little, Red answers, “We beat you up for thinking you’re right all the time, he he!”  The other girls agree with this.  “After we beat you up, I guess we move on and be what God wants us to be.  He wants a clean life, but when someone falls, He wants them to let Him restore them.  Given, my opportunities as a PAC Program work differently from a regular human, but I can still use my testimony, I hope, to point out how important it is to want the things you have instead of trying to have whatever you want.”

    Owan claps, even with his head still tilted by the helmet.  “Good job, class.  Now, I have a special surprise for you, Red Fire.”

    She’s intrigued, thus causing her to ask, “What is this surprise, Mr. Meyers?”

    Pointing at her with four of his fingers, Owan preaches a little.  “Look at me.  You are not a double.  You are not an extra.  You are not a shadow, a mistake or somebody’s lackey.  You are Red Fire.  You got that?”

    And this is when Fire weeps.  “You’re so sweet, Owan.  It hurts me even more to know what I did to that precious Gigi of yours by stealing you away.  She’s such a wonderful kid!”  This sends Red into a long fit of weeping that gives Owan the impression she’s going backwards, but as her friends console her, she soon calms down and speaks normally again.  “I want to hug her the next time she’s here and spend a week doing everything I can to spill all my heart out for her so she knows I’m really sorry.”

    “Please keep your heart unsplit,” Owan teases.

    “Blah, blah, blah,” Red mocks.  “Okay so, what is this surprise that you’re going to show me before I find a way to communicated with Juniper?”

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