Chapter 6   The Story of Red

    “Huh?!”  A confused Ancyro wakes up in a place she’s never been before.  As this naturally born cybernetic human rises up slowly, she takes off her helmet so she can look around and get a better view.  As soon as she does this, her eyes spot the faces of two comrades that she vaguely remembers dying minutes again.  “Oh, no.  Oh, no!  NO!  Oh, come on, Red Fire!  Are you that stupid?!”  Grabbing her head and hopping about in a panic, screaming that two-letter word incessantly, Red Fire recognizes the sad truth that she’s dead, and that because of her leadership, other people that depended on her are also dead.  She runs over to both of them, apologizing for doing this to them, but they only respond with the same regretful pleas.  With the trio forgiving each other, all they can do is make themselves comfortable and hope that they are eventually revived, assuming their recent boss doesn’t destroy all life with her vile schemes.  Red and her companions don’t make it very far in the Drawing Board, however, before the self-proclaimed welcoming party sees her and walks over.

    “Hey, Red,” Owan Meyers says with a voice that suggests deep shame.

    “Hey, Owan,” is the response with equal embarrassment.

    “Red,” he says, “I am so very sorry for how I disrespected you and your comrades.  I was supposed to be a leader and a friend to my brother back home, but all I did was think about myself, and now, look at the mess that I’ve made for everyone.  Will you girls forgive me?”

    She doesn’t know what to say, considering she feels like she’s the one who should be doing all the apologizing.  She looks around to see all the other people she’s come to call her fellow soldiers in the Army of Love, led by that deceiver.  Now, they are the shameful wreckage of heroes who loved themselves more than anything else.  “Owan, I’ve wasted my life.  How am I supposed to enjoy being in here?”

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