“I told you I had splendid battle armor!”  This is the text message, along with the image above, Kammy Crystal receives from one of the class’s favorite, if not the favorite, of all their intergalactic hosts from last year, the Little Queen, Katie Elizabeth of Elpis.

    Kammy texts back, “You’ve shown me this in person two times already, you silly goose!  Thanks for the laugh.  Really having a bad day.”

    Though concerned, Katie can’t help responding, “I hate to burst your bubble, but the armor is not for show.  We’re likely having the same bad day, my friend.”

    Though the unequalled selflessness of this dear queen has been the inspiration to keep her entire cabinet free of Ally’s influence, she still must call her troops into action against the J Tots.  Something about them seems very familiar, but she has yet to personally encounter one up close.  So, when Faye Worley makes her way into the queen’s war room, you can imagine the surprise on the Little Queen’s face.

    “How did you get in, Faye?  Did those machines not see you?” asks the bewildered one.

    Playing along, Faye pretends to be desperate for help.  “It was awful!  I came here because I needed to talk to you and got ambushed.  I nearly died!”  As she is then hugged by Queen Keb, Faye whispers in her ear, “I’m sorry.  There are things I need to tell you away from Phillip.  It’s why I risked my life to see you before the machines got here.”  This succeeds in pulling the girl away from her husband as the two young women go into a side room.

    “Now, what is your news, my dear friend?”  Before Faye can answer, however, the queen adds the compliment, “Oh, and I can tell your galaxy has progressed further along as you really do look like a young woman and no longer a teenager, my friend, he he.  So professional!  I’m impressed.”

    This randomness aside, Faye tells the queen, “You will hate me and call me a liar, but I have to risk that.  I’m sorry.”  The queen assures her friend she won’t do such a thing, even if she disagrees with what’s said.  “I know why Lady Duplica changed so drastically last year, even having one of her duplicates act as if it were a villain, and I know why Phillip has seemed to be interested in talking to someone that you’ve yet to meet.  Both problems are the same, I’m afraid.  Lady Duplica and your husband…I’m sorry.”

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