Preparing her sidearms for another confrontation, J declares, “I see you’re too obsessed with your future husband for your own good, like any of you will ever see that false hope, so I’m gonna’ write a message all over your wooden frame, mime girl, and when your other mechanical sisters see it, they’ll think twice about sneaking around while I’m busy purifying my friends of your poison.  Yeah, it’s amazing what a person can see when they simply open their eyes.  Oh, and one more thing before I turn you into a coat rack or something, after your little mommy is dead and gone, Entoni’s gonna’s get married and be happy, forgetting all about you, honey, and I promise you this, you’re NOT going to like who steals him away from you, Whirly.”  And, of course, the judge finds the defendant…destroyed.

    In the next galaxy, Lyger, the only trouble worth reporting in the Cyber System comes from the Junman planet of Emrich where the warrior Sky and her companions suffer heavy losses, mainly from not being aware of the purification technology of the other galaxies, thus resulting in several defective friends being ended needlessly.  This, however, comes to a halt when SGs Teran and Cerine Rydden show up with the more peaceful solution.  Over on Planet Williams of the Shiloh System, readers of last story will recognize the crazy, silly duo of Angel Rocket and Red Fire.  However, nothing is silly about the sad reality that three of Angel’s best friends died as defector, regardless of purification tech.  Red Fire was one of these three.

    Over in the Katalina Galaxy, while the Zenith System is the setting of the horrible scene of the famed leader Lexi meeting a gruesome end as a defector, the Mirror System has a much better, almost comical story to be told as MK and her team are very ready for some robo-mime payback as this very thing of a Jekel girl using deception to destroy the System Guards is what brought this team down from millions to about ten.  They’re also still not happy about Mirrors ruining their time with the teens last year while besmirching the name of their precious solar system.  And now that they see a bunch of evil Fayes roaming around, they have a perfectly good explanation for why she was so weird last year.  These things were obviously impersonating her, right?  Oh well, regardless of not being told the whole story, they still easily prove they’re not the same System Guards they were back in the day.  You go, MK!

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