As we land on the usually humor-minded planet, we find Judge Josey having just defeated her first villain of the day, and despite her cool demeanor, she is screaming inside.  Why?  Because the villain was one of her closest friends.  The casualties on this globe have been surprisingly minimal, considering how many people defected, especially in the Nation of Light on the east border.  While that kingdom’s queen was able to quell the problem through her wisdom, J3 is about to have her own tsunami of confusion with what has its hand on the door to her courtroom.  That door opens and reveals a teenage girl that struggled with telling the truth in this very room one year ago.

    “What are you doing here?” J3 demands to know.

    “Why, I came to see the woman that helped me see the light,” taunts a very pleased Faye Worley.

    “You’re sick, Faye.  The things you’re demanding of me and my associates are nothing a young woman of your caliber should be indulging in, and yet now, I have to arrest you myself and turn you in for murder.  Yes, I acted in self-defense, but we both know what happened here, don’t we?”

    “But whyyyyyy?” Faye wants to know.  “Why can’t we be friends?  We look soooo alike that you-you just BELONG with me…foreeeever and eeeeever.  Come on, little sister.  PLEEEEASE.”

    “Little?  I was around before your universe even existed, kid,” J3 replies, referring to the previous storyboard setup before Dogwood became a thing.

    “Oh, I wasn’t talking about age, he he, short stuff.”  Faye grows to the size of an average woman, wishing to cruelly mock Josey’s size.

    “Yeah, I’m short.  I could grow like that if I wanted, but unlike you, Faye, I don’t want to lie to myself.  How do you do it, lying so much about who you are…about who you’ve never been?”

    “Hm,” she says, “if I start dying of guilt, I just tag in the next sister.  Easy peasy!”

    “Or you get killed and replaced.  I guess lying is the only option you have since you live every second in fear that she’ll kill you for no apparent reason and send out the next.  I wonder what would happen if you all decided to think for yourselves at once.  You really believe she could win a war if she spent the whole time destroying her own army?  Just a thought.”

    “But we get Elfie!” Faye insists with a happy kick.  “We only die if we haven’t met the time limit yet.  Once we have him, our reward will be to live with him foreeeeeeever!!!”

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