Moving on to G2, the Andromeda Galaxy, we first look at Planet Leisure of the Console System and find that, for all the people who survived, two of the three that defected and perish were the king and queen of that planet.  What’s even worse is that this naïve royal couple fell into sin because of their own foolishness and led their mentor, that lone casualty from Planet HQ I mentioned earlier, astray because of their mentor’s overconfidence.  Not only did this cost the SG their life, it also killed the wayward followers they weren’t around to save.  But in brighter news, the swamp cabin on Blue Earth is perfectly fine, even if our celebrities were late getting back from Juniper.  Yes, we’re flying.  We’re skipping the dolphins of G3 because they’re always okay.  Ruly Duly and her friends on the planet Doteki of the Black Eye Galaxy always end fights with a knockout, so there’s no need to worry about casualties here.  For Raideena of Azuloth, even though all of the power players had defected, making victory seem hopeless, her first reaction was to call her mentor Blue Scar, quickly resulting in the problem being solved, as we’ve seen what a Scar can do to the J Tots.  Angie also reported all is well in the Telfor System, so, we’ll just mosey on to the Sombrero Galaxy.

    While I can point out that the Jugular System is safe thanks to the quick thinking of a wonderful System Guard named Little May, I want to tell you an interesting story before visiting the planet World of the Justice System.  You see, last book, I barely referenced a trio of space travelers that wander around the Sombrero Galaxy.  Well, they bumped up to four members now, but the point is that one of their original teammates defected at some point and just recently tried to attack everyone.  By the end of it all, the entire quartet worked for Ally J. and were on their way to the Justice System.  However, someone knew to check on them and saved their lives.  Who was this?  It was their mentor, System Guard Umido Sakuro.  Who is she and why is she important?  Look at the last name.  This is the quiet daughter-in-law of Fiona, which means Keb’s timid little sister-in-law gets to share the spotlight as the hero for a moment.  Okay, now for the Justice System!

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