And so, the big roll call begins, sort of, as we follow the path of the System Guards in setting free the universe from the impending grasp of Destiny.  For the most part, protecting the Milky Way Galaxy is pretty straightforward.  Considering New Ruyngard, Sideria and Kainos Ktisis all have System Guards or entire civilizations very familiar with the beguiling ways of foes like Ally J., she wasn’t very successful in recruiting anyone from these places.  Earth, however, was as pitiful as you’d expect with the trainees Sakura Griffin had left on her old world having an 83% defection rate, resulting in what could have been a disaster if not for the runt of the group staying true and calling Ruyngard for help.  I also bring up IMT host Hannah Austin and her friends because of their little rescue mission.  For those familiar with how the System Guards will often let you see the lives of everyday people who don’t realize their boring lives are a comic for you to read.  Well, Hannah is in charge of one, though it’s more for the SGs themselves to read instead of us real-worlders.  They’re bored.  Anyway, Hannah compromises by hanging out with the unwitting star in her dreams so that she is technically aware of what’s going on but without ruining the natural feeling of the show when she’s awake.  Anyway, this star was attacked by J Tots and subconsciously called for her buddy, thus getting to meet her in the real world.  I can’t guarantee her memory will retain this event.

    Fiona Sakuro had to help the three survivors of US Colony Mandy regain their friends.  Planet Snack saw its final hero give in to the wickedness of Allure, which actually made it easier to win the people back when the SGs arrived because the fighting had stopped with no one else to recruit.  That’s what you get for being lazy, villains!  And then, there’s MW Colony 4I, whose inhabitants all come from a universe where everyone wears glasses.  Even before their mentor, the System Guard and former CFA champion, “Unbreakable A” Akira arrived on the scene wearing her stylish pink shades to fit in, the colony had only lost three people due to their amazing resolve.  That’s pretty impressive for this little space station.  We also must give an honorable mention to cadet Mizana Spacelock who, at two or three separate times, was giving into defection but determined to resist, with her actions eventually aiding in the successfully held defense of her home colony.  Good job, cadet!

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