It’s our version of the same team!  However, since our rendition had their parents, A.J. and Amy Scar, survive their attack from Arion Jekel way back when, these kids know how to handle this, being more in touch with their Jekel-like powers.  Thus, they are able to quickly help their counterparts do more than merely defeat the enemy.  The Scarpocalypse group is taught how to use their own inherited talents gotten from Arion Jekel Scar to make the J Tots look as pitiful as the Scar Twins did in the last chapter.

    “Yay!  Woo hoo!”  Sherry cheers as she dances with her sisters.  “I was brave!  I was brave!”

    Everyone hugs and congratulates one another, with most of this being directed at the pretty, red heroine.

    With the colony secure, as AB is going to slowly box Ally in by gradually expanding HQ’s shields across the galaxies with each cleansed territory, Sherry’s counterpart asks her, “Do you think you can be brave one more time?  You and me can be partners if you want.”  Red Sher would feel more comfortable in her established trio, but the adventure of hanging out with this other Sherry whom she highly respects is enough to bolster the courage needed to agree to this new team-up.  Therefore, it is decided that each person will pair off with their counterpart, except for Mel who will team up with the Ariana doubles.

    “That’s silly,” says the Sherry in the gingerbread design.  “Let me call my sister-in-law.”  This is referring to Melomax’s counterpart, even though the designation used is because of Sherry being married to that Mel’s brother as opposed to this Mel being married to Ryan Scarpocalypse.

    Eh, it’s still a trio.  This version, Melody Maxine, brings her sister along for the action, hopefully exciting those who recognize this sibling from last book.  That being done, we can see what goes on in other locations.

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