So, with the main planet off limits, the next place the tots try is the space colony our kids visited last year, Scarpocalypse.  This is home to former inhabitants of another universe who all happen to be children of A.J. Scar from their dimension.  Of course, one of these is his daughter-in-law, but it still fits.  So, what are they doing when we first see them?  Are they fighting monsters or purging the infected?

    “Fishing is boring, Ryan,” Ariana complains, “why are we fishing?”

    “For family time,” is his answer.

    “It’s called television,” she states.

    “Oh, come on,” Ami encourages.  “Ari, you said you wanted a day off, so we are here giving you a day off.”

    “I didn’t say to torture me though.”  She sinks down and sighs as she holds her fishing pole.  “Oh, oh?  Hey, I think I got something.  Yes!  I think I actually caught a fish!”

    This is not a fish.  As a submerged J Tot presents herself to the Scarpocalypse gang, other sisters soon arise from out of the water, all prepared to torment their new victims.  Sherry screams bloody murder while Ari and Ami point their weapons and start blasting.  Ami’s was concealed.  The war is now on their turf.  While the others go into action, Sherry curls up into a ball and covers her head, screaming and whimpering in hysteria, “Not again!  Not again!”

    Ariana sends her reaction to this surprise attack in the other direction by firing at tots all over the place, yelling, “Tilt-a-whirl!  Tilt-a-whirl!  Blast a clown, save the world!”  Her insults do their job by enraging these mimes beyond what sanity they possess, filling Ariana’s heart with pleasure as her brawl with these things intensifies.

    Ami and Blue alternate in various attack patterns, shouting for Sherry to join them so the three can perform their more powerful attacks.  As she ignores them, putting herself in danger, Ryan yells for her to move.  In response, his wife Melomax sits in front of Sherry and coaches her to snap out of it.

    “Sherry, what did our friends tell us?” Mel asks her sister-in-law.  “Remember that we are much stronger than before.  Then, we weren’t ready, but we can do this now.  If you and your siblings embrace your heritage like you’ve done for so long now, this will be of no significance to you.  Come on now.”

    “B-but I can’t” Sherry whimpers.

    “Sherry, look at me.”  The command is followed.  “There is no fear in love.  Why not?”

    “*Sniffle* Perfect love casts out fear.”  Wiping her cheek, she defends her whimpering by saying, “I don’t want to die.  There are so many and only six of us.  We’re not like the other Scar kids.”

    “Your sisters need your help.  Don’t you think it’s selfish of you to be protecting yourself instead of someone else you love?”  Mel’s expression with this communicates a loving prodding to get up and be useful.

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