You see, now that the Scar Twins have arrived, this has put them right in the line of sight with all the tots planning to get their violent vengeance for this inconsiderate interference.  “Oh, you’ll suffer!” they cry.  “We don’t care who you are!” they screech.  “Our mommy rocked that face much better than you ever did, you old, out-of-date model!”

    “Oh, ha ha!” Jaqui laughs as she strolls over the tot rude enough to say this last line.  “Honey, you think you’ve actually hurt my feelings?  Some cute little thing wears my face and thinks she owns the universe.”  Once in front of her supposed rival, she leans in and whisper, “The End of All Things was built to be the most beautiful woman in the System, and my face was chosen.  Guess I should thank you.”  She kisses the cheek of this tot and then yells back to her brother.  “Arion, in my thirty-four years of service as a System Guard, there’s one thing I never bothered to do.”

    “I never thought you could,” he answers back.

    “Nah,” she remarks, “just didn’t want to risk ruining my mascara.”  She looks deep into the tot’s eyes, almost with a loving remorse.  “Baby, your mommy may have gotten her face from me, but do you know where you got that ghostly complexion from?”

    “From Arion Jekel,” the tot gladly cheers.

    “Hm,” Jaqui chuckles.

    Then, without warning, Jaqueline’s own face instantly changes to look just like Destiny Allure’s ghostly mug, accompanied with a horrifying scream that kills the J Tot instantly.  With her annoyance dealt with, Jaqui strolls back to her brother, just as casually as she had done when approaching the now dead bot.  Almost by his side again, she confesses, “Now, I know why you used to love that look before the whole servant thing kicked in.  I still think I’ll stick to my usual style though, since teaching Bible lessons would be kind of awkward with the mime ghost going on.”

    AJ’s sister spins to pause in a ready stance by him, and he tells the group, “Now, that we delivered the package, we think you can handle the rest.  We’ve still got a lot of stops to make across the universe.  But just in case, we’ll leave you one more gift.”  With that, he and Jaqui high five, and when they do, a horrific scream of some sort quickly belts out, killing every single J Tot left on the battlefield.

    “What the worlds was that?!” Doug shouts.

    “THAT is what happens when you get used to fighting clowns,” Jaqui jokes.

    “That is why we were made, long ago, to be the nightmare to the nightmares.  That is why I was named, Arion Jekel Scar.  It just took letting go of ourselves to be what God created us to be.”

    The twins then give their goodbyes before overhearing an exchange between Doug and his daughter as she rushes into the school.

    “Gigi, where are you going?”

    She replies, “I’m going to find Elf and Aunt Abbie while the coast is clear.”

    “I’ll go with her,” Kammy volunteers.  “She and I will look for my Elfie while you guys secure things out here.”  Everyone clearly hears what Kamron has apparently yet to even notice for herself, but no one says anything as it may just be one of those moments of fumbling her words.

    A new voice is suddenly heard.  “These noobs are going to need you out here, especially with the high and mighty peeps leaving.”

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