“I know.”  Kam doesn’t know what to say to her grandmother.  She also agrees that there’s just something about her lack of guilt in taking life that is worth noting.  “It just has to be done.”  After stating this, Crystal looks around to observe the others, seeing that they are all just as hesitant, even Doug with his instructions from AB.  As the future of the System hangs on the shoulders of those not willing to put aside their emotional attachments for the sake of the universe, Kammy shrugs and says, “Well, I guess I can either do it for them or just turn my cannons off and wait for a miracle to happen.”

    “You kids are so cute,” a voice calls out from above, “but there really is an easier way!”

    “Doug, I know your fellow officers know better than this,” another voice echoes.

    Here’s that miracle, Kammy.  Two very familiar veteran System Guards from the Milky Way show up with warm regards from Juniper and HQ.  The Scar Twins have arrived.

    Pulling something from a compartment in his side armor, A.J. says to Doug, “Every System Guard is supposed to carry a set of these, aren’t they?”  Scar holds the items up for all to see.

    “Those are…” Doug begins to say, feeling like an idiot.

    “Capture cables,” Kammy finishes the sentence in a whisper to herself.  “I don’t have to kill anymore.”

    Demonstrating the purpose of this device, A.J. rushes in to cut July off from her next attack, able to land a capture cable around her in the process.  With J.T. tied up, she is instantly paralyzed and digitized with her data sent to what A.J. calls a CC drive located on his utility belt.

    “I get it!”  Gracie exclaims.  “It’s short for a capture cable hard drive, but also named after Cici Majors’ ability to digitize herself.  Sweet!”

    “It was totally a miraculous coincidence, really,” Jaqui confesses.  “Cici loves it.”

    After showing the others how the things are used, A.J. passes these cables around, along with some CC drives.  Soon, the other two loved ones are successfully captured, with all three being safely secured until they are able to be restored to their true, loving selves.  This wonderful change in plan has Jo and Kammy hugging and laughing together with tears streaming down their pretty faces.  And speaking of Pretty Faces, the J Tots are the only thing that we have to worry about now, like that makes things any easier in the long run.

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