Abigail pauses, stares into space for a moment, then drops to her knees, staring at her hands.  This quick act of self-defeat was more than J Tot had hoped for.  As she draws closer, the girls consoles her victim.  “There, there, I know a few comforting techniques to make you feel aaaaall better.”  As she gets too close, however, the J Tot soon learns where Abbie gets her strength, or at least part of it in the context of this battle.  She gets it from the System Blade with which she slices the naïve bot to bits.

    “My help is from the Lord who gave me a way to defend myself from your beguiling ways.  Go bug someone else, unless you enjoy falling to this mighty blade.”  Abbie then gives a prayer of thanks to God as she looks at the weapon in strong gratitude.  “Now, help me find Elfie, please.”  She rushes off to continue her search for the nephew she deeply loves.

    Back outside, the high commendation from her superior has Kammy filled with power that she uses to bash and blast through her enemies, steadily making her way toward Jo and Darius.  As tots pour in, Kammy goes to town with an energy sword beaming from each cannon, making this an easy task.  Upon reaching her loved ones, she uses a drop kick to push her grandpa away from his victim.  “Sorry, Grampy!  You’ll forgive me later.”

    “Well, at least you started with a boot instead of getting to the point,” Jo says, trying to be more positive than earlier.

    “I hope you’re ready to do what needs to be done,” Kammy replies, not wanting this to be any more difficult than it needs to be.

    “I guess,” Jo answers with her eyes looking down.

    Darius fires a couple of blasts to distract the girls and goes after Kam since she’s the more dangerous of the two.  In truth, Kammy is the only one of the remaining Meyers that’s not an Infinite, so her power is nothing to Darius.  It’s her swords that make her an issue worth dealing with now.  For that matter, as an Infinite Warrior, Darius could simply wish her dead and have it happen, but with Jo having the same kind of power, she would’ve accounted for something like this and used her own power to prevent something excessive like this, which is why I always say the Infinites always cancel each other out, bringing the fighting potential to an even plain where you and I can watch it and keep up, or at least an interpretation that’s kind to our physics.

    But just like with Gigi versus Blue, Kammy’s battle knowledge is also enough to help her survive this assault, as long as Jo is there to back her up.  In fact, the only reason Kammy doesn’t dominate Darius by herself is because of the power difference.  However, Josey has accounted for more than what I’ve given her credit for.  “Oh, no, Kammy,” she remarks, “I’m not ya babysitter.”  And with one snap of the finger, Jo repeats Doug’s trick from last year, making Kammy, Gigi and Paul temporary Infinites for now to greatly simplify things.  Now, the battle has quickly turned in favor of the good guys as Darius is not able to withstand the mighty K.C. Cannon, nor is Marc able to handle the teamwork of his wife and son.  Doug is easily enough to keep Kammy’s mom at bay, but Gracie decides to join this duet to help her pops.

    This means that, in theory, the three traitors are about to be cleansed and put in time out for a while, but this is not so.

    “Gran, are you ready?” Kammy asks Jo.

    “No,” Jo snaps again, “No, I’m not, Kammy.  I’m not so ready to kill everything that moves like you are.  I know they’ll be in Juniper, but it’s still my husband.  I hope you’re not that eager to kill Paul over any disagreement.”  Realizing this was wrong to say, Jo tries again.  “I’m sorry.  It’s just, I have seen both my sons killed in one day, and now I’m about to lose my husband.  You’re about to lose your mom.  That shouldn’t be taken lightly, dear.”

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