“And I am a cruel, selfish grandmother!” Jo keeps hugging her kid with no regard for logical safety.  Gigi doesn’t mind covering them for a few seconds.

    This cover that Gigi gives presents a piece of the argument she’s been having with this transparent doll that’s been lying to her for years.  With the latest news, Gigi boasts, “You know what I just learned, Faye?  It doesn’t matter what we do with the System Blades, because you’ll just end up on Juniper with all this stupid pulled out of you, just like was done with Porter!”

    “And just like was done for my mother or father, Grace Erase?”

    “You’re so full of your lies, girl,” Grace answers back, “you can’t even see the flaws in your own logic!  Everyone we’ve thought would go to Juniper is currently there.  The only two exceptions are a dad as fake as you and the mom that’s currently alive enough to be harassing mine up in the sky.  Maybe if you’d pull all of the stubbornness out of your ears and listen, you’d find there’s still a chance for you to change.”

    “Tell that to all the sisters I see littering the ground.  Are they in the Drawing Board?  Will I die and be welcomed by an endless family of J Tots?  I highly doubt that, but your sentiment is appreciated.  I guess you’re not adult enough to face harsh realities yet.”

    “MY BOYFRIEND DIED BECAUSE HE WAS CHEATING ON ME WITH YOU!!!  THAT’S AS ADULT AS IT GETS!!”  Grace has had enough and obliges with Faye’s mentioning Gi’s main attack, the Grace Eraser.  This Tot is blow to oblivion, but more just take her place.  “Come on then, Faye,” Gigi says in a hopeless tone, “I’ve watched you die too many times today for it to matter now.”

    In the midst of the battle, one of the J Tots observes the scenario and shouts, “Thanks for failing us, you pathetic lapdogs!  Because of your cowardice and pitiful attempts at seducing the new recruits, now we have to do everything for you.  Skip it and get to ending everyone, or you’ll be on our hitlist!”

    This callout means one dreaded thing, there are other defectors within the family, and this deadline has just identified every one of them.  It’s already obvious that Marc is trying to woo or destroy his wife, but the other two traitors are the rest of Jo and Kammy’s family, meaning July and Darius are a part of Allure’s army.  July Tara goes after Doug, hoping to use her feminine ways to distract him into making a fatal flaw while Darius goes after his wife.  Even though she is being harassed by J Tots, Kammy ensures that Jo has the proper back up she needs to defend against her own husband, just like Mercy.

    “Well, this is annoying,” Doug comments as it hits him he is the only husband with enough love and discipline to have resisted Ally J.’s charm all this time.  In fact, this is a good time to point out that Ally’s strategy over the last six years has, up till now, been absolutely flawless with her always knowing what to say or not to say to make sure she is one step ahead of whatever man, or woman, she’s trying to recruit, and while we are only focused on the main cast, I assured you that there are other Dogwood SGs waging the same war both at the school here and throughout this galaxy.  If you have been reading our previous stories and know the tale of Muse from Storyboard MV, then you will understand how Ally was able to spread her poison throughout this region, and thereby, bypassing security clearance after security clearance.  This is why she was able to always stay hidden within the school, even having her J Tots pass what should have instantly killed them on numerous occasions.  She’d have one of her spies change the settings on this or that to ensure she never encountered a problem with such things.  When you see just how well-planned this all was in contrast to Owan’s selfishness and carelessness making it all crash in one day, you understand why he was the first to suffer.

    We return to Abbie who is still searching for Ent and battling J Tots along the way.  She is also having to deal with their ridicule of the mistakes she made as a younger individual.

    “Aunt Abbie,” Tot says, “teach me a thing.  Why has it never bothered you that you were replaced?  If I say it was taken, you say you lost it.  If I say you’re a loser for what happen, you act like you won the lottery.  Where’s your strength?”

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