Glowing green as she prepares to attack, Abbie calls Faye out for her vile intentions.  “My personal life between my husband and I is a sacred thing, not a subject for your locker room mouth.  Furthermore, you are not a girl that we Skys or Rugs will allow to see our wonderful Ent anymore, because, trust me, honey, there are plenty of girls out there MUCH better than trash like you!”

    Laughing with that familiar Tot laugh, this one says, “I highly doubt that.  I’m graphically familiar with many of them.”  This disturbing hint then begins a violent exchange that adds even more property damage to today’s menu, with classroom after classroom being wiped out as the two fly by.  Things seem fairly even, however, until Abbie pulls out her System Blade.  That is when something both hilarious and peculiar happens.

    “AAAAAA!” The tot shrieks.  “You have one of those?!  But you’re just a dirty girl like I am!  How did you ever acquire one of those horrible swords?!”

    Pointing it at the tot in a threatening manner, Abbie says, “Just because someone fails doesn’t mean the Sword of the Spirit becomes unavailable to them.  Being a System Guards isn’t exactly like becoming a pastor or something.  We are all called to be soldiers of Jesus Christ, and that is why I can boldly make my stand and hack your intentions into tiny pieces.”

    Seeing her most feared object being swung at her, J Tot flees for her life, hoping to not run into more of these things than were planned.  However, her programming overrides her free will, forcing her to go back and finish this fight, or die trying.  This, sadly, gets the little girl destroyed.

    With her enemy vanquished, Abbie sees that this was just a machine made of wood and steel, but her conscience makes her question if she acted prematurely.  “I’m sure the System tech would’ve purged her if she were just overtaken by something evil.  Then again, Owan died to what should have saved him.  He wasn’t a robot mime, but I could’ve been horribly wrong and murdered Entoni’s friend.  I definitely need to find him before I kill the wrong person.”

    Of course, we should check on old Double-Edge just to show you he’s not dead yet.  In fact, he and Whirly had a similarly comedic scene over her fear of the System Saber.  After all those times she freaked out as kids, weeping her eyes out and telling about her fallen father, Ent finally gets it.

    “You’re afraid of this because you’re evil, and your father was, indirectly, Arion Jekel, am I right?”

    Hissing in anger at his mention of her fear, Whirl explains, “I don’t know.  I literally just made it up to get you off my back and not kill me like you carelessly did to Owan.”

    “You were going to kill him anyway!  Don’t blame me for that!”  Ent rages and continues his vain efforts to hit the elusive coward.  “All that time you displayed such unmatchable power, putting me to shame in the training sessions, dominating everything in your path, and now, you do nothing but run over one sword.  You truly are sad, Whirl.  I just wish you were real enough to see yourself.”

    “AAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!” Whirly stops dodging him.  “Just for that, if I promise not to attack you, will you stop long enough for me to acknowledge how sweet that was?!  I keep trying to tell you, Elfie, that I do love you and I do want to be with you.  I just have my orders from my mom.  Why is that so hard to understand?  I’ve been really stressed trying to be your perfect little princess, and I suppose I let my demonic temper get to me.  Can’t you just forgive me already?!”

    “Which one am I forgiving?” Ent asks.  “Am I forgiving the one who stabbed me in the heart today?  Do I forgive the one who started this betrayal a year ago?  Do I forgive whichever of you was the only one that didn’t spend every moment trying to make me miserable, or are those all dead by now?”

    “Elfie, Elfie, Elfie,” Whirl says as she shakes about childishly, “you’re looking at it all wrong, honey.  I’m not an imaginary girl who never existed.  Faye Worley is just so drop dead gorgeous that it takes an endless army of bodies to account for her addictive charm.  So, you see?  Just because I have more than one body doesn’t mean you can’t love me as a principle, or as a common memory.  That’s all that matters, right?  It’s the memory, or some sentimental nonsense I heard on TV once.”

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