“John’s very right,” Jo says.  “I’ll digitize Owan so we can bury him properly later.  I don’t want that nasty little thing hurting him in death like she apparently did while he was alive.  I don’t know what made Faye change all of the sudden, but she’d better hope Ent finds her before I do.”

    Darius decides to take charge and commands, “After you digitize Owan, Jo, let’s break up into groups and search for the monster or the others.  Doug, have you heard from Cat in a while?”

    This question is well-timed as a large explosion is heard from the other side of the school with two figures jetting into the sky.  “Yeah,” Doug says, “I just heard her say, ‘Boom.’”

    “There goes your split-up plan,” July Tara teases as she leads the group into the air.

    “So, if Duplica has Faye,” Mercy asks, “should we call Ent and Abbie back?”

    “Oh, didn’t anyone tell you yet?” a familiar female’s voice chimes in.  “Lady Duped-a-Cat isn’t fighting ME, you silly critters.  She’s fighting our mommy!”  This is followed by a small group of J Tots ready to exterminate those who would interfere with the main event.

    “Faye, stop what you’re doing!” Gigi cries.  “You’re still my sister, but you’re going to get yourself killed over nothing!  Please stop!”

    The host of puppets laugh her to scorn and repeat the truth that Ent and Cat already know, breaking the spirits of all the teens.  Owan is dead, Faye is a lying cheat that never even existed anyway and Ent is somewhere in the school, fighting a demon that led him to believe he was in love for nearly six years.

    “Elfie’s my friend, you lying brat!!” Kam breaks out the artillery and unleashes her wrath on the girl that has hurt her dear companion so cruelly.  As she goes about to deal with the Fayes, Paul joins her in trying to pay them back on Ent’s behalf.

    Gigi, on the other hand, is even more stunned than she was when she first learned of Owan’s betrayal.  She called this thing her big sister, firmly believing she was a godly young woman who very much earned the love of Gigi’s brother over the six years they grew up together.  Now, all of that is a lie, and the worst part is their most trusted weapon has also been found to be unreliable.  There is no way to purify evil, only to kill those who can’t keep perfection.  Gigi has no choice but to fight and hope her dying efforts contribute something to the System before its inevitable end.  Yeah, she’s kind of in a mood right now.

    So now, we have Duplica fighting Ally up above while most everyone else is dancing with a form of Faye.  Abbie also finds herself in a one-on-one with a tot, still having not found Elfer.

    “So,” the tot says to Abigail, “you’re the immoral has-been that was disqualified from being the main hero of this new generation, are you not?”

    “You’re one to talk from what I’ve heard, Faye.”  After saying this, the obvious truth hits the older Sky sister.  “Wait; you already know who I am, Faye.  That tells me you are an imposter, and that the real Faye Worley is around here somewhere, probably just as miserable as Cat and Elfie right now.”

    “That’s not what I’m here to talk to you about, my future aunt,” the tot says with her arms behind her back as she sways in a cute fashion.  “Just because I want to talk about your past doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about your present, Aunt Abbie.  It’s just that I’m sooooo obsessed with learning you used to be just as wild as me, that I thought we could have an honest chat, girl-to-girl, you know.  Is that okay?”

    “We could chat about what you plan to do with Elfie that required him to kill his friend,” Ab submits.

    Faye quickly transports to right in front of Abbie, hugging her gently.  “Aunt Abbie, you’re not listening.  Owan and I had a little moment that just happened to go on for a year.  I still love Elfie, but now, it’s time that we stretch out a little, and stop being so rigid.  Right?”  Faye traces her fingers softly down Abbie’s triceps as she looks at her lovingly.  “So, what is your favorite moment with your husband?  It’s okay.  It’s just girl tal—” Faye is pushed away by her annoyed opponent.

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