This is Allison Jaqueline Worley’s true form….and her true name.  The most feared nightmare in System history was Arion Jekel, and it was his creation Victor Grille that made this beast you see before you.  Now, this hybrid forerunner of the Techpacs discussed on the last field trip showcases her combined natures of Destiny Allure and Arion Jekel, fashioned to be the ultimate nightmare.

    Checking all thirty of her nails, D.J. smiles at their perfection, saying, “Catie, I have to admit that, as much as I’ve always wanted to see you suffer, I find you completely adorable when you check your nails through your gloves, as if you can see them.”

    Annoyed, Cat says, “I’m an Infinite.  It’s called X-ray vision.  So, what’s with the extra arms, Ally?”

    “It’s a tribute to one of my heroes,” Ally states.  “You know which one.  It’s the forerunner that everyone feared because all of the male historians were too chauvinistic to realize the truth that the Ultimate Machine has always been and will forever be…a woman.  Now, hush your mouth and I’ll explain everything.  I’ve been waiting for over a thousand years for the right moment to strike, so I’m kind of excited that you and I finally have our little playtime.  You already figured out that Faye and Tiffany were just a series of my pretty little J Tots deceiving you, Elfie and every other creature in this feeble universe AB claims is safe.  I even made a J Tot to impersonate you last year so that I wouldn’t have to deal with the foolishness that YOU would likely create as a villain by actually pulling an evil version of you from another storyboard.  That’s right; I created Ultimaxine because she was more effective at existing than you’ll ever be, and she was artificial.  If it makes you feel better, though, I was created specifically to torment and kill you, not that failure Abigail.  I should also thank you for all the precious information you gave me since the System Director always barred me from traveling through time or visiting Juniper, except for a few weird exceptions I never could replicate.  Your field trips gave me the data I needed to perfect my already flawless beauty so that your end will be the most pleasurable pain you’ll ever experienced in your life.”

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