All this time, Duplica has not been seen lifting a finger.  Why is that?  Because she is sitting in her office, weeping incessantly, only moving occasionally to look at the shattered remains of the short, feminine mime robot that tried to attack her earlier.  Duplica has failed her son, and potentially everyone else, because of her carelessness to deal with this properly eons ago.  Not only that, but for all the lessons she taught the kids, she should have easily spotted this from the start.  Now, Owan’s life is ruined, or at least that is what Duplica thinks, not yet being informed that things are much worse for the boy.  However, someone else will gladly take the job of punching Cat with this horrible news.

    “Forgive me for being late to the funeral, little sister, but I had my third date this week with the father of the boy your son just killed.  I tell you; Darius loves me as much as his two boys do.  Oh, heh heh, I guess I should say ‘did’ in Owan’s case now.  Good kisser.”  That’s right; after all this time, you finally get to meet the TRUE Ultimate Machine.  “Cathy, baby, are you looking at me like that because you’re mad about Elfie and Faye, or is that your ‘You beat me to the puzzle’ look?  Surely, you know who I am by now.”

    “You’re my demon,” Cat growls, rising up from her seat.  “You’re a mistake that I’ve made time and time again, day after day, for way too long.  I’ll fix you right now, even if you take me with you.”

    Ally shakes her head and says, “Cathy, Cathy, is that really the first thing you think about?  Can’t we be friends?  I’d love for you to be by my side forever, like all of my other spicy companions in my vast army across the galaxies.  Oh, wait; that’s right; you’re my one exception…the reason I exist.”

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