“Hey, baby!”  This one insists on still being called Faye.  “Now, let me explain before you start losing your mind prematurely.  You see, our mommy built us loooooong ago to steal your heart and make you ours.”  She curtseys.  “I love being the one to break your heart twice in one day, but your little girlfriend is a figment of your imagination.  Faye never existed.  It’s been us playing you for a fool all this time, and boy, did it work big time.  You would’ve married us and everything if Owan wasn’t such an addict to my beautiful form.  I should’ve been more careful, but hey….it was worth the good time.  NOW, why would a bunch of robot girls be sshoooooo intewested in a gween boy like you, cutey?  I mean, you weren’t even smart enough to think, ‘Oh, my puny little girlfriend is suddenly controlling the Powered and any other given machine that attacks her,’ or ‘You know, all these duplicates and the red outfits and how she’s so stinkin’ flirty,’ but you were just a simple puppy, hooked on every word I said.  I’m sorry, you were hooked on every word WE said, hahahahaha!!”  Her laughter then changes to that of a demonic machine, starting in low and increasing, making a horrible sound that is…hard to describe…hard to forget.

    “So, you’re the thing my mom was supposed to destroy long ago, huh?  No, NO!  You said your mommy made you.  Faye, you are SO very smart in calling me an idiot.  Every time Jekel ever showed up, there were always smaller puppets with him, yet that’s all Mom has ever described.  She really is careless.  Oh well, let’s deal with it.  ALLY J., WHERE ARE YOU?!”

    The room is filled with applause.  “I knew you’d get it once you stopped lying to yourself, Elfie, baby,” Faye commends.  “Mommy is busy talking to her little sister in the office, I suppose, with our orders—no, our reward—being to take you into our arms foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerr!”  Faye twirls around as she says this, her eyes and mouth emitting a strong red glow.

    As she turns back around to him, she begins to say something else, but twitches a few times before saying, “Hi Jack!  Just wanted to let you know that I specifically traded places with an unfortunate tot sister so that Lady Duplica couldn’t deny you of the vvvvvery special date you’re going to have today with the one J Tot who broke the news about her and Owan.  You will only refer to me as Whirly, as we can’t have you too distracted by the name Faye to focus on the task at hand, now can we?”

    Drawing his blades and making his stand, Double-Edge says, “The only date we have is me completing my mission.  Game on.”  And with this, the hardest fight of Ent’s life begins.

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