Ent then finds himself surrounded by all of Faye’s various forms and sizes from over the years.  They laugh and point at him, humming tunes to songs the couple used to sing together when they were friends.  Now, it’s a sick, haunting mockery of his wrongly placed trust.

    “Faye, stop with all of the duplicates and face me!”  The fact this boy is still keeping his composure is commendable.  I’m not sure I’d handle such a situation as well.

    “Oh, you silly boy,” the Fayes say in unison, “you have had the benefit of nearly six years and all of the detective training from the best minds within several universes, and yet you still don’t realize what we are?”

    “No…I guess I don’t.”  He looks down, still not ready for what he has to do.

    “I understand your heart, lover,” they say.  “It’s not that you don’t get it.  You refuse to accept it.  The truth is none of us is a copy.  Every single one of us is a SISTER!!”  With this, all of the forms howl and shriek in a type of laughter Ent’s never heard, and it almost drives him mad on the spot.  As these imps all start to dance, point and laugh at their six-year-long victim, they start to change, revealing what Entoni Franklin, Double-Edge, is really up against.

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