Remembering part two of his mission, Ent rushes off to find the other target before she can claim another victim.  The others that happen to see him leaving wish to follow, but are unsure if they should until they know what to expect.

    “Where are you, Faye?” Ent calls out as he patrols the hallway.  He decides to go back to where everything else seems to happen, the lunch room.  “I did your stupid deed, now show up and explain what’s made you do such a STUPID thing!”

    “WEEEE!!!  I knew you had the courage, my lover!!”  This strange little girl pops out of nowhere, doing a passionate jig in sadistic glee over the death of Ent’s best friend.  “I TOLD that fool I’d dance over his death!  Now, just wait until the others are on our side.  Then, I’ll go out there and make my promise even more literal on that pitiful excuse for an underling!”

    “Shut you mouth, you sick freak!  What are you even talking about?!”  Ent’s not happy right now.

    Feigning a gasp, this familiar face asks, “You dare talk to your woman that way?  This is verbal abuse.  I know its, I know its, I know ITS!!!”

    “I know you,” Elf says.  “You’re Tiffany Stalmuch, and you’re supposed to be dead.  Or are you just playing more Mirror games with me, Faye?”

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