“Owan…” Ent is trying to process the scene.  “What’s going on?  Why would you do this?  I thought we were brothers.”

    “We were,” Owan laments, “and J Tot was supposed to belong to both of us.  She was all yours with me joining the party every now and then while Gigi was mine and…” as Owan goes on to give the intension of the secret couple, Elf cuts him off as he very much gets the picture.

    “This is disgusting,” Ent says.  “What in the worlds even made you two start this…abomination?”

    “Ha ha ha!” Owan says, summoning laser System Blades from his hands.  “If you only knew the beauty you’ve been neglecting, my brother.  Don’t worry though; knowing how strong you are, I firmly believe you two will be very happy ruling the System.  I only wish I could live to see that, man.”  And with this, Owan lashes out at the young man he once called his best friend.

    As the blades slice through the lockers and the outside wall on their way to Ent, he has no choice but to defend himself, thus drawing his own weapons, the deadliest set of sabers in the Dogwood Galaxy.  The best friends quickly find themselves in the same old heartbreaking rivalry replayed over and over again, fighting over a girl.  A fight of this magnitude, as you’d expect, quickly sends them both outside through the wall once slashed by Owan’s sword, allowing this brawl to grow in fury.

    “Mom,” Ent says via nano-chat, “something is VERY wrong with Faye and Owan.  She’s got him trying to kill me!”

    “Entoni,” the voice of an emotionally shattered woman responds, “I’m so, so, so very sorry, my baby, my precious son.”

    “Mom?”  Ent almost loses his focus over this haunting response.

    Her voice clearing up, Lady Duplica resumes her position as Entoni’s superior and his teacher.  “Entoni Frankin Rug, as your superior officer within the ranks of the System Guards, I hereby order you to cleanse Owan of this temporary defection…and to destroy Faye Worley.”

    Ent is devastated.  How did one day change everything in his life?  All he can do is man up and reply to his mother, “Affirmative.  Mission accepted.”  The fight then goes on.

    “Boys, what in the worlds are you fighting about?!”  Now the other students and teachers are here with Doug about to step in.

    “Dad,” Ent calls out, “Please don’t!  I have my orders, straight from Mom.  I’m sorry, but you’ll need to talk to her.  Keep the others back.”

    Quickly contacting his wife for the details, Doug understands the situation and advises the others to wait, only intending to help if the other side joins in first.  Mr. Rug does appreciate his son’s respectful answer given the situation, so there’s a plus.

    “What’s wrong with Owan?” Gigi asks, afraid her boyfriend or brother will be injured or killed.

    “Someone’s controlling Owan to do their sick bidding,” is Doug’s restrained answer, not sure at what point he’ll have to identify the culprit.

    This uncertainty is quickly challenged by the understandable curiosity of those standing by wanting to know the obvious.  Doug simply says, “Let’s wait and deal with Owan first.”

    Elf is saddened, not sure how he’s going to survive today.  He can’t completely say he’s stronger than Faye, so killing her won’t be a guarantee, especially if she’s hiding more strength than Ent is aware of.  Also, even if he manages to slay the woman he loves, how will he find strength to recover?  Though it takes a few minutes, Elf decides all he can do is move to the Drawing Board and show his girl that he forgives her for letting the passing of Ally J. push her so far.  That’s when Elfie feels a stabbing pain in his heart that no sword can produce.  “What if Faye is now too evil to go to the Drawing Board?”

    This thought is more than Ent can bare.  His vastly superior speed and power wanes as he can’t function thinking about the permanent loss of his best friend.  He can handle her betrayal, and he can handle making major adjustments on her behalf and forgive her…but Elfie can’t live if she ceases to exist.

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