Ent rolls his eyes and sighs, “Mom, you really need to stop scaring everyone.”  He tries to explain to Owan what’s really going on, but his friend is determined that Duplica is not kidding around.  As Elf puts his hands on this troubled soul, he begins to further reason with this bird brain when he notices something horrific.  Being in Owan’s face, Ent smells a strong whiff of very familiar perfume, and this disturbing scent is made even more evident by its thin, sparkly companion smudged all over Owan’s mouth and cheek.  Owan is covered in bubblegum.

    “Owan…what is on your mouth?” Ent slowly pulls his hands off the boy’s shoulders.

    “I don’t know, what?”  Clueless as ever, Owan has no idea that he’s definitively caught.

    “You have my girlfriend’s lip gloss and perfume all over you.”  Tightening his fists, Ent roars, “What have you done with my girlfriend?!”

    “Dirtier things than your innocent mind has ever thought possible,” Faye answers for Owan, who trembles at her presence.  “Owan, you were supposed to rescue me, but it looks like you weren’t even good enough for that.”

    Forgetting the dude exists, Elf marches over to his girlfriend and demands to know what’s going on.  “You mean to tell me there’s something between the two of you after we had this whole discussion long ago where I said you could go with him, but you were willing to wait because I was the only guy for you?  Is that what I’m understanding?”

    Faye giggles, “No, that’s not what you’re understanding.  You’re still my king, lover.  It’s just my reign is much grander than you were supposed to know about yet.  So, here’s the deal: since Owan has ruined his big chance of sharing me with you, he’s going to fight for his chance to replace you.”  As sick as this sounds to Elfie, he watches as Faye turns to the other boy and says, “You got that, dweeb?  All the love I gave you this past year is nothing compared to my Elfie.  I know you’ll lose, and I will dance over your fallen form.  Your only chance to have me is to prove your power is worth keeping.”  Turning back to Elf, she says, “Elfie, I love you, but you were impatient, and now, I need a more direct answer.  If you slay Owan, we can forget this happened, and I’ll explain everything.  I know how superior you are to him, so if you ‘fail’ to end him, I’ll just use him to give you a graphic replay of everything he’s done to me this past year…and then I’ll kill him myself.  Either way, knock yourself out knowing you won’t have to compete with this traitor forever.”  Then, as she fades away, the little nightmare says, “Let the date begin.”

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