Back to K.C. Cannon, we see her pull out the weapons that everyone keeps talking about upon Z’s request, causing the cyborg to study the one named after her.

    “Which one do you like better?”  Kammy uses a simple nano-clone trick to display her design dilemma in addition to her new friend, the little sister cannon.  She functions the same as Baby Z, but is still the younger of the two.  “I wasn’t sure if I should keep my heart insignia or go with the broach, though I’m obviously leaning toward the latter, seeing how that’s what I’ve been wearing all day.”

    Comparing the two, Z agrees, “I definitely like the broach better.  Is there a reason you didn’t get a different cannon to give yourself more variety?”

    “There is,” Kam informs her.  “Z2’s got some secrets to her that I also gave to Baby with some other major upgrades.  Let’s just say there’s always much more to Kammy Meyers than you’ll ever know, mwahaha!”

    “Nice!” Z says with a wink.

    “God’s been very good to me,” Kammy admits.  “As much as I like showing these off, He’s helping me to give Him the credit for my fights instead of hogging all the glory for myself.  Sometimes, I actually think of renaming these two sisters Wisdom and Discretion, or even using the Hebrew, Chokmah and Biynah, to remind myself to never let my foolish zeal cloud my judgment but to let God do my fighting for me.”

    “That is very neat indeed!” Z2 says to her.

    Likewise, Paul is also having a spiritually-minded discussion with his group of historical figures.  Of course, we know Christian and the Xames’ are giving their biblical wisdom, but it’s refreshing to hear this coming from Porter as well.  “I have to say, Paul, that I’m highly impressed with your depth of character from what I’ve seen and heard so far.  If I had that kind of integrity, I would have spared many people several headaches.  Even so, seeing you so far ahead at your age assures me that many bright years are ahead for those around you.”

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