“Occasionally, I would have a dream that I was suddenly sitting at a small, decorated table with tea cups and such set thereon.  As I’d sit there, thinking the whole thing was ridiculous, I’d have the pleasure of this beautiful young woman joining me for tea.  The discussions varied in length and topic, but she was always so fascinated with me and learning about ‘life on the outside.’  She never would tell me anything about where she came from, and if the conversations ever became too much for her, the dream would end.  During my adventure to prepare for our battles against Ruin, one of my motivations was that young woman.  She might not have been real, but the idea that there were people like her waiting to be freed, to be rescued, pushed me to learn and do everything I could.

    “The days of conflict finally began, and despite a praiseworthy start, our efforts soon proved themselves to be quite pitiful.  In fact, we would have lost and been captured if we had not received help in escaping from a very peculiar new friend, that young woman from my dream.  What made this even more disturbing was how our team was introduced to her.  She was one of Ruin’s associates but chose to help us because she recognized me as well.  She apparently, in boredom, decided to contact someone in the outside world to learn about life as commoners, using techniques similar to your nano-chat, I suppose.  At any rate, I was the one she ended up talking to, and that’s what saved our lives.  Not only this, our one moment of escape was enough to lay out an extraordinary backup plan that ended up winning the bitter war.  Ruin was defeated, and all was safe.  I could finally meet this wonderful young woman properly, and what a beautiful name she had, Yuri.”

    “Whoa!” Paul explodes in academic inspiration.  “So, Yuri Williams from the CFA, whom we learned aaaaall about last year, is named after her aunt?”

    “Yes,” Blue confirms.  “Yuri was a villain but got bored, and this led to her learning about things she was never told by her superiors, thus she did the right thing with this new information, and it led to saving the world.  We got married and had a crazy powerful daughter named Bethany.  This led to the famous duo of Seth and Beth, mainly known for getting married and having twins, ha ha.  Seth and Beth Scott had the next set of ‘Christians,’ Christian and Christiana Scott.”

    “And I think we met Christy Scott a few years ago,” says Gigi.  “We talk to her all the time now.  I’m referring to meeting her on one of our field trips.  I forget which one it was.  I’m assuming it was during the big storyboard campaign two trips ago.  Actually, was it on New Ruyngard?  Hmm.”

    “Nonetheless,” Blue jumps back in, “We went from the hero of the System, James Scott, to his brave son Rowan, to my best friend Christian, to good old Seth, down to my amazing leader of a granddaughter, Christy, into three back-and-forth generations of some good Scotts and some awful Scotts.  Yes, everyone we’re naming is here, and we all love them.  I’m telling you of their experiences in life so you don’t repeat them.  If I’m being too harsh, they can answer for themselves in the next CFA tournament.  Now, all this chaos leads to James II’s oldest son by Meg.  I am talking about that man standing beside you…Xames Scott.  I would also note that while the superpowers may be absent, Xames and Christian Scott of SBVII had the same family history, so you’re getting two stories for one.  One main difference is that Christy Scott ruled the country of Ruyngard in their universe, whereas our Christy ruled Germany.  So, Meg had Xames, Sarah had Sarah II and Emily had the other crazy four.  Emily’s four boys were Rig Scott, the final Christian who happens to be that moron standing there, Xevior Scott and the father of way too many kids…Mike Scott.  Rig had Travis, and there ya go.  Now, you know the genealogy and all the begats of Xames and Christian Scott.  You’re welcome.”

    Red says, “I honestly think we would’ve kept their attention if we either had pictures or just yanked the others over here for a second, but whatever.”

    “No,” Mercy asserts, “no charts today.”

    “Porter, it’s finally your turn,” Josey says.  “I feel like you should’ve gone next after all, but I guess importance precedes chronology.  Take it away, my friend!”

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