“And that’s why I named my arm after you!” Kammy shouts.  Everyone looks at her, causing the girl to realize how very unhealthy her claim sounds.  “I mean my arm cannon, not my random arm.”

    “Oh,” is the word heard across the crowd.

    “Well, I guess it’s finally my turn,” says the captivating extravert dressed in her namesake.  “Red is my name, and stompin’ the baddies’ my game, or at least it was forever ago.  Blue and I are cousins, with him being the kid of Buck Shiloh, while I’m the daughter of Brian and Proton Shiloh.  You see, even though Buck and his siblings were from centuries earlier, they never technically died due to their cyborg construction in addition to their Infinite Warrior abilities.  They came up with a way to stay out of the picture after their ‘life spans’ ended, but they were still around.  Well, they gave up on this and got back into society, with both brothers marrying pretty girls.  That usually is a motivation, ha ha!  They came back during the days after the amazing warrior Porter and his friends had just defeated the Galarian Empire, so it was all peaceful.  However, when a new threat arose, this villain was so powerful, so awful, that all of our heroes were slaughtered.  It was terrible!  Well, one generation later, we Shiloh Cousins were a part of this rookie group called the Drivers.  We went around to search for ancient vehicle robots that combined and yadda yadda while Blue perfected his swordsmanship, training with the powerful Marcia, daughter of Z2.  In case you didn’t notice, the rest of our group is hanging out over there in the distance.  We just walked over here to meet you celebrities.  Anyway, Blue was going to wield the mighty sword that Porter had once gotten from the System Guards that was unbeatable in combat, alive even.  Of course, you SGs know all about the System Swords, being the in-universe illustration of the Sword of the Spirit.  Well, this was a more solid rendition, like the good old days, as opposed to all your laser blades.

    “So, Blue, myself, Christian Scott, Logan Zero and Sean Galarius Jr. followed the leading of another SBX princess named Aya to the location of the vehicles.  We then set out to attack the revived Galarian Empire, led by the powerful foe that had slain everyone a generation prior.  It took more than one shot, but we eventually squashed them all, and here we are!  Blue married a girl he’ll have to tell you about.  I married Christian Scott because, just like his dad, his intended girlfriend died before they could get married.  Chris and I had a son named Seth, and that’s my side of the story.”

    Kammy pieces in a few hinted details.  “This isn’t the Christian Scott we have here, but his ancestor, his namesake.  In case you didn’t catch it, James Scott had a son we all know about who dated a pretty little time-traveler who got herself killed by the villain of this story.  That son stayed in SBX and married another girl.  Christian Scott is his son, making him James’ grandson, born only a generation later in SBX time after a teenage James had just visited there from SBXI.  Funny how interdimensional time-travel works, huh?  Also, Logan Zero and Sean are the sons of, respectively, Brian Logan Zero with his wife Astrica and Reina Misty Zero Galarius with her husband, the evil Galarian Emperor, from before he died.  I hope that gives you context as to who these new heroes were.”

    Since the ladies have finished, Porter interrupts to point out, “It is sadly ironic that the son of that maniac Galarius was one of the heroes to fight against the monster they had to put up with.”  Having made this comment, he insists that Blue go next so the rest of Porter’s explanation can be saved for the end.

    “If that’s really what you want, sir,” Blue says.  “Growing up without my heroic father, I felt a lot of responsibility for taking the torch and freeing the world from this horrible plague that crushed the hopes of everyone around.  Like Red said, we had a lot to learn and accomplish before we were ready to deal with the monster that was ruling over us.  His name was Ruin, and that’s exactly what he did to everything he touched.  The only thing, well, one of the few things, that kept me so positive in those trying times was my friend I had made along the way.  Now, if there weren’t a reason for this, I would never tell anyone, because it sounds childish, but you will understand.

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