“Ahoy!  Dead people!  Come and haunt us!”  Cat shouts, vigorously waving at her hopeful guest stars.  She didn’t bother arranging interviews this time since there’s no grading to worry about.  This is all about just hanging out with whomever.

    Realizing what her pal just said, Jo turns and scolds her, saying, “Cat, you literally just denounced necromancy!  Now, people will start thinking we promote ghosts and what-have-you!  Be more careful.”

    Pointing at Jo, Cat responds, “Hey, it’s not every day I can use that pun!”

    “I’ll remember that next morning I see you before you’ve had your coffee,” Doug conspires.

    “Uh, hey guys…” Elf interrupts.

    Gigi also has an issue.  “We have a major problem.  We actually have two.”

    The transition from Cat’s monologue to the addition of new faces points out the subtraction of some out of our group.

    “We’re missing Faye and Owan,” Ent points out.  “I’m trying to contact her, but I’m not getting anything.”

    “I think they got left behind, Mom.”  Gigi decides this isn’t the best time for the witty comment with which she was tempted to address her mummy.

    “You can’t be serious,” Cat says, highly disappointed in her firing skills right now.

    “I think they’re serious,” Jo replies.

    “This can’t be good,” Cat laments.

    “It’s definitely not good,” Jo confirms.

    Sighing, Cat decides to just summon the two students over rather than waste time going back for them.  “You guys just hang out with our guests while I fix this error.  This is ridiculous.”

    So, while Duplica works on dragging the other two along, our teens introduce themselves to people they’ve yet to encounter during their time travels.  This is because, out of the seven approaching deaders, the four that are unfamiliar to our class come from what used to be Storyboard X, the universe that our main hero, Astronomical Bomber, and his siblings visited when they were teens.

    Jocelyn jumps on this opportunity like a trampoline.  “Oh, cool!  I’m the teacher.”

    “Um, Jo…” Mercy tries to remind her friend of her occupation.

    Jo puts her hand up.  “Hush.  Okay, so I want everyone to give a proper introduction of who you are and your background.  Chris and the Xames’ don’t have to bother, since we know you already.”

    “Ladies first,” the man in the blue armor offers.

    This means we’ll start with Z2.  “I heard someone had named something after me, so I had to come check it out.  My name is Z2, and my story is one of redemption and a change of heart.  You see, I was from a line of cyborgs created to impersonate some SBX heroes.  There was me, M2 and R2.  Lara and Jessie were made later, but since they were the results of genetic engineering, we consider them to be more of younger cousins than siblings.  While my two brothers were made to impersonate a couple of princes in the nearby kingdom, I was made to impersonate the princess of the Lyrenian kingdom.  I have green hair, so it was more of a thing of, ‘Hey, what’s up with your hair?’ and as they’re busy asking questions, I was supposed to kill them.  Well, there was a lot of fighting and so forth.  Somewhere along the line, thanks to a couple time-travelers named Elena and Rowan, we all had a change of heart and joined the good guys.  Lara and Jessie came along and went through the same routine, so in the end, we all ended up joining the people we were meant to destroy.  I married the dude M2 was supposed to impersonate.  He actually married Lara because, like I said, she wasn’t a sibling, and we were cyborgs anyway, so we weren’t actually related, ha ha!  R2 and Jessie probably would’ve gotten married, but they had to be terribly rude and die at the same time.  We give them both such a hard time nowadays, but you can imagine the heartbreak we all had at that time many centuries ago.  Oh!  And I should mention that Lara became a famous superhero in her own right.”

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