While I could talk about other new experiences she found exciting, like petting a cat in ancient Ruyngard of XII or teaching the robot Sarah what it means to love someone, I can’t help but find interest in Faye’s comments about the mechanical angel servants from Angel Island in Old Ru as you can hear both the original opinion of that year’s tot about robot subordinates, as well as the comments of a girl familiar with the winged humans known as Doves back in her era, as well as Juniper’s Angel Isle.  Actually, the mention of the angel robots, along with Hero and Sarah, brings up the point that, while Faye and Tiffany would either be considered cybernetic humans known as Techpacs, or maybe even whatever Ally J.’s recreated form is, they still feel a comradery with other machines, given their ties to the traditional J Tot.

    As we listen to the lesson with Patriarch about the war involving Warner and his Jackie, hear a statement from Faye which lets us know she had always been preparing for the big sword fight the entire six years as she says, “Elfie, I want you to know that I’d fight for you.  I’d even die to save your life if I had to.”  While she’s mainly saying this because the J Tot is scheduled to, Faye knows enough about her mission to take this to heart, firmly agreeing within that these words will, indeed, be her own.

    Another scheduled conversation of the future comes when Ally J. checks on her kid during Faye’s first field trip.  Originally, Evil Ally was going to be the one involved, and had this been the case, she would have been fooled like everyone else.  Faye would be looking into the eyes of the enemy, but meaning every single loving word she would have said to her mother since that’s who this would still be, even if this was her past self.  However, now is when I clarify Ally’s terms of imprisonment.  As a kindness to Faye and her mother, Ally is allowed to visit on very rare, important occasions.  You remember all those times that AB had Faye’s mom be so unreasonably busy?  Yeah, she was in prison.  Well, I say prison.  The three sisters are exiled from every other life form during this time, but it’s the same thing.  This means that Faye got to visit with her real, current era mother on the day of her big, official introduction to time-travel.  I can’t tell you how proud that mother was.  In the meanwhile, one of Good Ally’s J Tots was distracting the past Ally with a very specific event that AB chose which would allow history to correct itself as gently as possible.

    If you remember the story of Ron and Ata, with the latter being the daughter of the main villain and then becoming the wife of the hero, then you can imagine this teenage girl going from a visit with her mom to an interview with a girl having almost the same nefarious backstory and Faye flipping her little lid.  Man, those two really connected!

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