Speaking of an agent of sin, our own little spy had a few episodes that you may recall were not her favorite moments.  She, after all this time of being a flawless chameleon in the environment of the past, was suddenly messing up like an amateur.  This was my doing.  You see, after getting it right for so long, Little Miss Nightmare was starting to get overconfident and lazy, even developing the bad habit of lying in the name of her righteous mission.  I killed that quickly.  Not only did her several mishaps help her get over this new habit to protect her future friendship and marriage to Elfie, but it also resulted in Faye making the most important promise to her future boyfriend that easily made her stand apart from her evil counterparts.

    While on this trip, Miss Worley was subjected to the most frustrating rollercoaster ride of having joyful reunions with several of her undercover friends while experiencing the headaches and heartaches of things like the Viewfinder and trying to be pals with Red Fire, knowing the wicked decisions this one was in the process of making around that time.  And while Doug was a real treat as a teacher, knowing about the upcoming battle with Ultimaxine while poor Cat was being framed rang clearly in the ears of a girl who would soon have her face being the face of evil.  That painful hour was on its way, whether Faye Worley was ready or not.

    Okay, so here’s a tiny confession: when Faye got back to HQ, and specifically Juniper, while it was refreshing to get to do a lesson with the Scar kids, this was a double of Faye while the real one took a break to hang out with Tiffany.  She had had too much and needed to relax for a moment, or else she would break down and cry.  The girls went to hang out in the Christian Music Arena for a while.  Faye still got the lessons from her double regarding Ti Chi, the Judy Josey face lecture and so forth, but she’d already heard these stories from Chi and the others on her own, so this was just a rehearsal.  The real lesson didn’t come until the end of that trip when she found the gift in her locker from Owan to that wicked J Tot.  Oh!  And in contrast, Faye was really happy to kind of be herself as she made sure to ramp up the Lily of the Valley perfume while Elfie was standing right outside her house.  Yep, it wasn’t just her house.  She was specifically being a little sarcastic in saying, “I can’t reveal myself yet, but I’m going to make my presence felt as much as possible, Elf Boy!”  She’s a precious child.

    With the arrival of Ultimaxine and her Female Phantoms, all just J Tots in disguise, Faye knew a Rubicon had been crossed.  Knowing what these things would do in just one year, a heartbroken Faye had no remorse for her mother’s so-called death as this event was well-known to Faye as a sick act of trying to cover her tracks for one more year.  And when that year arrived, Faye found herself in a place she’d never been.  For all the times she would replace the J Tots, this was the year she had to play the part of being replaced as she let Whirly have her moment in the spotlight.  Oh, how Faye wept regularly for her Elfie, knowing what Whirly and Owan were doing, causing the boy to betray his friend over and over again.  That’s why Faye would regular take control of the tot when with Elfie and torment the thing by showing it to be the failure it really was.  This was also to ensure her seductive attempts at recruiting Elf were all for nothing.  Faye took advantage of known history to exaggerate Whirly’s dilemma.  She was supposed to fail anyway, so Faye saw no problem in helping the evil one in this failure.  The nose-picking, the Tilt-a-whirl incidents, and even the tot’s self-appointed title of Whirly were all Faye’s doing as she wanted this faker to know that Elfie belongs to Faye Worley and she will never break his heart, Lord willing.  So, when Faye finally got to show up as Miss, escorting Gigi to the final scene, she took great pleasure in subtly insulting Whirly without the tot even knowing it.  Faye let the creeps have the rest of their little fun, then she showed up and unleashed six years of pain and suffering upon her tormenters before finally being able to reveal herself and meet her boyfriend as simply Faye the girl and no longer Faye the protector.  Of course, she loves being both.

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