And thus began the trip which served as an undercover hang out time for Faye with several friends she saw all the time while the lessons being learned helped to further widen the gap between the fear of the J Tots and Faye’s determination to brave the slice of the System Blade when the time would come.  And as far as friends went, you had better believe Faye was using nano-chat to send some hugs when the giants showed up, even if these were their past selves.  Even Tiff was inspired to go visit the current versions down the street, teasingly rubbing this in her sister’s face with a pic that said, “We love you.  Keep at it, champ!”

    So, while Faye was enjoying ranting about the Ultimate Machine and having to die before she could marry Elfie, her fun found a little difficulty in learning of Muse MV and Millennia as their stories of being trapped in the vile conspiracies of their hypocritical leaders cast a shadow of the dark days that would soon trouble Faye’s friends upon this trip.  However, since Muse MV’s great-grandkids all live in Juniper Residentials, she had already been coached and encouraged properly for being able to handle this sad foreshadow of what she’d have to face being accused of later.

    Some things she really didn’t like were the Mirrors as they reminded her of the soul-stabbing J Tots who’d win people’s affections only to reveal the sad truth later, as well as the story of Bubbles Indigo.  This woman was super selfish, and seeing her in contrast to Allure made Faye sad for her, but nothing could be done.  Later, in facing Whirly, even though the truly evil machine was only frustrated because of Faye’s payback on Elfie’s behalf, some of what the machine said and did as Elf tried to help it brought Worley’s mind back to the scene when Bubbles refused the help of AB and ended up dying because of her wicked stubbornness.  Also, Faye detested the Feast of Demons with it being way too similar to the nightmare that would engulf the universe quickly approaching.  Even though this was AB’s trick to catch the bad guys, it was still a very uncomfortable experience for Faye.

    But Faye got some little rewards out of this trip.  She got to see Kammy blossoming as her own woman, even in spite of the J Tots, and she got to have her friends visit her hometown of Juniper without having to tell them she actually lives there.  The end to that trip was just beautiful.

    Next, we enter into what Faye calls her Time of Tears as everything good about this period of almost two years is crippled by the heartaches going on behind the scenes.  First, Faye does not want to be associated in any way with the filth that Elfie will soon be subjected to, so she makes it a point to have him help her create her own special uniform that the tots won’t know about so that they can’t tarnish the memory of this one like every other in the days to come.  She knows, based on her notes, to be very careful around Owan and the parents that visit the class for their trip since these are all agents of sin by this time.

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