And then the note cards with Kammy happened.  Did Faye plant those cards?  Did Kammy write them?  As you recall from Kam’s reaction, she very much did all of that herself, but Worley is aware that this was ultimately the doing of the tot’s manipulating her to do this and begin the process of playing the red herring in case anyone ever suspected a mole in the school after the Tiffany Stulmuch incident.  For the rest of that year, all Faye really remembers is the glorious overcoming of Allure and that society successfully moving on, along with Faye’s mom spending time with her and Faye getting to beat the daylights out of her friends while getting her own lights knocked out.  Yeah, there was a little issue to be settled with Kammy, but despite the scheduled lines and actions she had to perform, the truth is that Faye had a really good time just playing with her friends.  She looked forward to the day when they could spar as Infinites so she wouldn’t have to hide how strong she really was, and nor would she have to hide how much she truly enjoyed her sisters, Kam and Gi.

    Oh, yeah!  I almost forgot to mention the new obsession.  Though Faye couldn’t talk to I.C. without repressing her memories, she did find safer friends in Crystal’s mom and grandmother, ironically.  This is kind of how things were with Faye’s Crystal back in Dogwood, even though the details were vastly different.  But the main delight was Faye Worley’s two heroes, Judy Joker and Yuri Williams.  It was a while before these two were brought into the secret society of future events, but they still clicked with this little look-alike who wanted to be as cool as they were.  I mean, her tot siblings were specifically designed after Judy Joker, so surely this good version could learn a thing or two from the genuine artifact.  Tiff even got to meet Whitney on Juniper later.  Faye’s ignoring the Powered thing with Duplica and Jo during the CFA fight.

    Trip number four starts with a very interesting example of good versus evil as the whole thing with Mercy tagging along began as Evil Ally was setting Paul up for her potential recruitment but somehow made the mistake of doing so while Mercy was able to hear.  Thus, Mercy’s participation in that year’s field trip was the unintended result of Evil Ally’s doing.  However, moments later, Cat runs into Good Ally in one of the rare times she’s allowed out of prison to visit her child before another big trip.  She is too caught up with seeing her daughter growing into this wonderfully beautiful and intelligent woman to notice Cat walking up to her, and yet, when the two meet, their conversation is a joyful one to Ally as this is when she establishes her sisterhood with Cat, offering to give her the same support that Cat would later give her as Evil Ally, thus the mentor Ally was referring to from her past was Cat.

    In the meantime, Faye was busy setting up a few things herself to establish a very important key phrase later as she would constantly find excuses to say, “We die together,” so Elfie would hear this later and realize it was a phrase none of the other J Tots knew to say.  Even though Whirly came very close to saying this on her own from the problems she complained about, she still never quite said it right.

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