Year three was one of Faye’s top years, even if she had to forfeit the comradery with I.C. Mendez in favor of repressed memories so our lovely Ima Crystal wouldn’t accidentally forget Faye’s cover and spill it all.  We love you, Mendez.  Now, you may recall that Ally was allowed to travel with the gang this year.  I’m telling you right now, she was the evil version.  For all the times she had to depend upon Faye for information, Ally, though being evil, was allowed to take a trip with her future daughter to create their own memories together that she wouldn’t even appreciate until several years later when this wicked woman woke up and realized the precious gift she was given years before she even deserved it.  And what makes this even better is that her permission was revoked much earlier than you would have thought by the conversation had right before she left, but guess who that was.  It was the Good Ally, coming back to this very event decades later to finally enjoy what she took for granted so long ago, even if but for a moment.  That means when she’s giving that heart-warming, inspirational goodbye, it’s the voice of a woman reaching out to the daughter she took for granted in a memory that she had been anticipating revisiting for quite a long time.  That brief reunion was invaluable.

    Okay, so the Vahnna on this trip was just Vahnna.  Faye was among friends who knew her when the XII queen brought Christiana and Clara Scott from the Drawing Board.  In fact, a lot of the New Ruyngard history and guests were neighbors or at least regular faces from Juniper.  This probably includes Axer’s sister Kim, but we wouldn’t know because she’s definitely a person you want having repressed memories for the sake of keeping a secret, ha ha!  Even though she didn’t like hearing more about Arion Jekel and Zombies, Faye felt at home in the environment of face doubles and superpowered children, so it wasn’t that bad.  The Powered being there wasn’t cool, but it was only one and it was dealt with, so no more history stories about that this year.

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