A Tiffany look-a-like?!  Nah, Faye quickly recognized this System Guard and had a most refreshing conversation with her pal, even if it had to all be in nano-chat for the sake of cover.  This couldn’t have come at a more needed time as Leila’s home era that she came to visit was the birthplace of the Powered, the giant machines that increased the abilities of its pilots, no matter how strong the users were.  This technology proved catastrophic when someone was naïve enough to give them autonomy, having an army of robots that fed on people by stuffing them into the pilot seat, all safe, but trapped as the battery for these machines.  Faye would not be alive if these monsters had never been created.

    One of the most crucial points in the relationship of Faye and Elfie came when she took advantage of a free moment in time with her decision that was completely up to her.  In the final exam with their own Powered made by Lady Duplica, Faye played on the fact that the tots can control technology and used that as a reason to pull out her trump card of Infinite power.  Just as the wily J Tot would’ve used the plan of attacking the Powered until she got control as an excuse to use her Jekel powers, Faye, once again, played an amazing double agent, and in the process, changed the game for the tots, removing the mask of being the ditzy flirt in favor of the suppressed super genius that was actually very attractive to Elfie rather than the annoying alternative he had been putting up with until that point.  Yes, Faye, though in following the safe, controlled permission of AB, changed history a little to allow her more freedom to grow as her own individual.  She also learned to be nicer to Kammy, which would be important as you’ve already seen Kam and Faye needed all the sisterly moments they could get with the J Tots secretly tormenting the girl.  The rest of that year is third-party for Faye, having heard the rest of the details from the Baylors and Misa Spectacular later on Juniper, so there’s not much point in expounding upon that.  She’s tired of hearing about Victor anyway.

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