While I’m thinking about it, I should point out that there were times when each year’s J Tot was scheduled to say or do something that was genuinely wrong.  How Faye handled this at any given time depended on the situation, as well as, honestly, her maturity level.  Her instructions were to either insta-change with the tot she was impersonating by a quick teleportation, allowing the tot to speak for itself before being shut off and swapped again.  Other times, she would just have it speak from where it was and transmit the voice over hers.  Then there were times when she was either lazy, scared or what have you that she just decided to improvise and say the line or do the action herself since those chosen moments were usually not that bad.  Not only do I say this to explain those moments, but also to remind you of the fact that, even though Faye and Tiffany are good, they are both still humans, or close enough, which means they have still made some mistakes over the years, but nothing major.

    Oh, and you may not have caught on, but there were times when the tots were scheduled to use their power to subtly impair Elfie’s judgment, resulting in him being a bit more touchy or careless in an attempt to gradually wear his morals down over time.  While Faye did this on schedule, not only did she severely tone things down so Elf never did anything inappropriate or habit-building, she would also turn off all her own senses for the moment so she wouldn’t be tempted to abuse these actions.  Hopefully, you’ll realize Ent’s reaction to finally meeting the real Faye wasn’t one of these scheduled times.

    We visit the Baylors and Raz next, and while Ally J. would later understand the connection during her big chat with Destiny Allure, Faye kind of remembers something said about something, but she’s more concerned with sending pictures of Queen Georgia back to Tiffany with the message, “Sweet hair, huh?  Bet she got it from you…somehow…no idea.”  This got the reply, “You’re a dork.  I love you.”  Will you be mad if I say two of her favorite people in XL were the villains Star and Darkster?  This had nothing to do with the actual people, but with the two SGs they reminded her of.  As twins with a similar power and a connection to Jekel, A.J. and Jaqueline Scar happen to be favorites of the Worleys.  Faye still hated what Darkster stood for, so don’t get the wrong idea.

    Despite what I said earlier about Angel Isle and Doves, there have been times when Faye has had mixed feelings about the term angel.  In XL, this is where things fell apart.  Tiffany’s clone went bad, which wasn’t traumatizing, but still slightly annoying.  Then they had to learn about Alice Avia, reminding Faye of all the nasty things her mom was actively doing at that time while the cleaner version of this woman the child loved had to serve a life sentence in the era Faye was originally from.  Also, they kept meeting couples that were either adults talking about their growing up together or they were teens whose moms were as strict as Lady Duplica.  Faye knew better, especially with what was at stake, but this was still hard for her to put up with.  She did find a good distraction in learning of this Blue Destiny she had been hearing about, but this was thrown off, too, when yet another story of a former friend turning into a killer cyborg reminded her of the dark path she was being forced to walk.

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