That brings us to year two with the trip to Storyboard XL, being accompanied by AB, Cici and Keb.  This is also the year our group first encountered the Tiffany model of J Tot.  You see, in the eyes of the other evil tots, this particular one was a hero and a veteran for willingly sacrificing herself to make their presentation of Faye look better.  In reality, our Faye saw this as a sad waste of a life, but she knew this was just an evil robot, and that there wasn’t anything Worley could do to stop it.  That year was very awkward for her as she had to pretend to become friends with a girl that she knew was a spy while our hero was a double agent.  When the tot was killed, Faye made it a point to call her twin using nano-chat just to make sure she was okay.  Among the many things that helped her along were moments like when Lady Vahnna once again just so happened to know Faye was struggling with something and was nearby to give her the exact advice and love she needed.  What a coincidence!

    The family reunion just kept getting better as the same trip that brought along an evil J Tot was the same journey that introduced the class to Ally’s former creator Victor Grille.  Faye was a very, very brave girl to not let her true feelings out during such a troubling lesson.  I’m proud of her.  Just everything about this particular trip was bad.  She was learning all about System Blades while pretending to be afraid of them.  She was learning about the corruption of some leaderships and betrayals of friends, and she learned about SUSIE, which made her wonder if all the Zombies had the collected memories of a girl named Susan just like the tots all had the false memories of a girl named Faye.  If you know the history there, you may see how this could be a legitimate question rather than a foolish assumption over the name SUSIE.

    As we go into the Lyger era, I have to tell you that Faye had a crush on that particular historical figure.  This was, obviously, nothing serious, nor did she ever truly think anything of it herself.  His quick wit and love for puns made the teen think of her own Elfie, which caused her to imagine herself as Taxi and Elf as Lyger.  Gigi was Logoya to her.  Of course, the agent that apparently stuck out the most, enough for her to dress like her later, was Waterfall, the lovely secret agent who died right as she found love.  Sound familiar?  If you got it, you’re very sharp.

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