And now, we come to the first final exam where Faye had to pretend she was surprised to learn there was a fight, for which she was much more prepared than she let on.  However, what she wasn’t prepared for was the likes of Ultimax and Arion Jekel.  While her creation held true to the fact that Jekel had no connection or power over her, that didn’t make it much easier for this girl to stomach the introduction of what essentially would’ve been her great-grandfather if not for Ally J.’s recreation as a character.  It’s something like this that makes the Worley Twins think of the System Director as their grandpa instead of Jekel’s kin.  We also see her introduction to the future event she has to feign a phobia for, the System Blade.  While this thing couldn’t hurt Faye, it would totally blow her cover if it was revealed she was a good girl at this point.  So, the tot’s fear of this device played right into her mission.

    As the first trip neared its end, Faye saw the difference between the villains who were bad until the end and Ultimax who changed and gave up his evil ways, just like her mom.  She got to hear of Keb’s origin story, with both of them giggling on the inside at pretending like they had just met.  But more seriously, even with Ally J. right there, Faye was glad to hear Keb’s story of a girl reuniting with her mother, because this is exactly what Worley knew would eventually happen.

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