Thoroughly pleased, Doug obliges.  “I can’t say no to that sweetness.”  He brings two more salads.

    “Alright, Jo Jo,” Mercy begrudgingly agrees, “we’ll discuss this topic later, but no more talking about Tea and Mizer.  That’s only fair to them.”

    “And no more scrolling through old texts to fact check what I’m saying,” Jo insists.

    Humbly putting her arms behind her back, and thereby her wrist computers as well, Mercy admits, “I, uh, was hoping you didn’t notice that, heh heh.”

    Duplica sighs, “You guys are two clowns.”

    “Thank you,” they both say with a bow as they laugh at one another’s foolishness.

    “I’m glad you’re not as bizarre as your grandmother,” Paul whispers to Kammy.

    She whispers back, “Just wait till I’m her age.”

    And now, we move on to the trip!

    “Ladies and gentlemen,” Duplica begins, “this is the time you have all been waiting for.  Are you ready?  Who is ready up in this house?!”  All the hands are raised except for Doug who is leaning in for a kiss from his wife.  “Oh, so you can’t go without that, huh?” She questions.  “Well, let me prepare you.”  She takes a modest chunk of salad with her fork from the container and feeds it to her silly husband.  “There, that’s all you get for now, mwahaha!”  Of course, after a few seconds, she changes her mind.  And thus, having properly prepared her male partner-in-crime with a light kiss, she continues her speech.  “SO, we are all ready for the big moment now?”  Everyone nods, including Doug.  “Good!  Then, let the show begin!”  Duplica takes her salads and eats them both, one at a time.  Everyone stands by, being forced to wait until the teacher finishes these two distractions.  “Ah!  Garden gorgeousness!  Okay, so, where was I?”

    As the teachers are all distracted with their jokes, Faye uses this opportunity to lean against Elfie to her right so that she can subtly wrap her arm around his and hold hands.  Feeling this, Ent begins to pull back but soon finds he can’t resist Faye’s attempt…because it’s already stopped.  She herself has quickly forced the motion to cease, following through with her promise to not be all over him.  Instead, her actions soon follow the comedic atmosphere started by the adults as Faye Worley turns to Entoni, sticks her finger right up her nose and pulls out a good chunk of green mucus.  She then sticks it in her mouth and proceeds to chew it.  As Elfie looks at her like she’s lost her mind, she licks her fingers and says, “Hi Jack!  Say goodbye to the problem, because I’m going to break her in pieces after she hurts you.”

    This remark is very disturbing to Ent, but not nearly as disturbing as the rant his mother goes into.

    “Faye, stop goofing off!  Ent, stop talking and pay attention!  In fact, all of you have given me reason after reason why I should have no guilt sending any of you to this one piece of real estate that you all should have moved to last year when I was halted by that wannabe who just couldn’t stay out of the picture until I had my way!  Now, enjoy your field trip, CLASS…in the Drawing Board!!!!”

    This major red flag comes much too quickly for anyone to do a thing about, and as I regret that you must read this for yourself, Duplica raises her hand against her own children, class, friends and even her beloved husband, instantly vaporizing them all.

    Everyone was sent to the place of the departed.

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