“Hahaha!  It doesn’t work that way!”  Abbie tries to reason with Doug, but you know Mr. Rug’s witty puns shall have the last laugh here.

    Back to the chaotic couple, we notice that Faye either didn’t realize her episode was being watched or she didn’t care.  Either way, the two lovebirds sit in silence as Faye stares at her man with intensely loving eyes, as if nothing happened.  “Elfie, I’m sorry for blowing up on you.  Please be more respectful, okay?”  He grunts, reading news articles on his wrist computer as opposed to Owan only teasing such.  Faye tells him, “It’s okay if you’re still mad.  I’ll just admire you until you’re ready to kiss and make up.  He he!”  Elf continues to read articles, trying to ignore Faye’s hypocritical disrespect for his beliefs.

    However, as Double-Edge stares at the various news entries, his peripheral catches Faye twitch a couple of times.  After this, she says, “Brr!  So cold in here.  Must be this icy soul.”  Ent tries not to comment as he can easily think of a few things.  This is when the scene calms down for him.  Faye reaches for a salt shaker sitting on the lunch table and gently taps Elf on the hand to get his attention.  “Hi, Jack, it’s me.”  This simple greeting is enough to win Entoni’s full attention, because this is Faye’s chosen tip-off for when she’s able to think clearly again.  “Hey, I’m sorry you’ve had to put up with this today.”  These words come from a girl whose sorrowful eyes assure Elfer that this is his real Faye speaking with him.  “I just wanted you to know that I’m very, very proud of you for standing up to me.  You’ll always be my hero, and I also wanted to inform you that these desperate attempts of trashing your convictions stop today.”  With that, Faye reaches into her purse and pulls out everything bubblegum related.  “See?”  This having been said, she tosses all of the items to the side.  “This old girl isn’t going to be needing those after today.  So, I want you to focus on running toward God, and I’ll catch up to you soon, okay?”

    “Okay,” Ent smiles at his friend, very proud of her for this decision, even though he’s slightly concerned about proper janitorial habits.

    “Now, so I don’t get tempted to pick them back up, can we…just not mention bubblegum…ever?”  Faye’s humorous favor is alright by Elfie, even if he does still make an effort to use his powers to send the discarded items into the nearby trash can.  The two smile at each other like they haven’t in days, and Faye lays her head on the table.  Elf then lovingly keeps guard over his precious treasure while she rests.

    “Ah, stink!” Owan says, seeing Faye now sleeping.  “I was going to suggest we head over and bug those two, but that ain’t happenin’ now.”

    “We could nano-chat the green one, I guess,” Gigi proposes.  So, using their nanobot technology, they engage in a mental conversation that’s similar to telepathy, but without the supernatural nonsense.  “Hey, E.F., whatcha’ thinkin’?” his sister asks him.

    “About you now.  What’s up?”

    Owan jumps in.  “We were going to crash your party before the snoozer changed our plans.”

    “Is she okay?  She seems like she’s got a lot going on.”  Gigi’s question implies that Faye’s odd change has been more noticeable than she or Elfie would like to believe.

    Looking at his girlfriend, he tells his sister, “I think losing her mother was harder on her than she’ll admit.  I get the feeling that Faye is very lonely these days and it’s eating her up inside.”

    “The best medicine she could have, I bet, is you, man,” Owan advises.  “You’re her world, and all she ever talks about to anyone.  If there’s something that can cheer her up, it’s you.”

    Gigi watches the girl sleeping, almost like she’s not breathing.  “Frankly, Franklin, I’d ask you to poke her and check her breathing, but I don’t want to disturb her.”

    “Nah, she does that,” Elf assures Grace.  “This isn’t the first time she’s just up and gone to sleep like that during lunch or something.  I know our medical tech makes it virtually impossible to have physical ailments, but I can’t help but wonder if something of that nature is the culprit.”

    “No, I think it’s her mom, Elfie,” Gigi insists.  “You know what I mean, what we haven’t personally seen in a year.”

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