Smiling, Owan says, “That’s why I’m not looking at you.  It might give the impression I like you back.”

    Shaking her head, Gigi boasts, “You’re not believable at all, my captured little heartbeat.”

    “Oh, really now?  Is it that obvious?” Moving his arm so she can see his computer as well, Owan asks, “Wanna’ see what I’m staring at?”

    “Sure, hon.”  Grace leans over to look at this image, only to see the goofy truth.  “You dork, there’s nothing on the screen.  You were just staring at your wrist to taunt me.”

    “He he!  I was doing good, too,” Owan chuckles.

    “Whatever, I could see your eyes glancing over with that mischievous hint of guilt.”  Leaning forward a bit and smiling triumphantly, Grace says, “I’ve stared at your face enough that I know what you’re thinking, bub.”

    “Oh, do you?” he says in disbelief.  “What am I thinking about now?”

    “You’re wondering if I’m going to finish my drink for once or leave it sitting here like I usually do.”  I’ll answer this right now.  It’s not getting finished.

    “I have to be honest,” Owan chuckles, “I kept the screen blank so I wouldn’t come across an article and actually get distracted.  I didn’t want my joke to become real, ha ha.”

    “Aw, I appreciate that, hon.”  Happy with her boyfriend’s consideration for her with his teasing, Gigi takes a sip of that soon-to-be-forsaken soda as she continues to contemplate this new stage of life for her and this dear childhood friend.

    Of course, that leads us to the main childhood friendship of this series, as you’ve most likely been anticipating for quite a while.  It’s no surprise that Ent and Faye are finally able to enjoy a dating relationship, and it has been a very sweet, fulfilling few months.  However, today seems to be one of those occasional days where something seems to be a bit off.  We enter the scene with the couple discussing some random topic.  As Elfie is giving his say on this matter, we see Faye dreamily scanning his face, looking all around to take in the image of his person into her admiring eyes.  This compels her to reach into her purse and pull out something she’s been quite dedicated to recently.  As this item comes into Elf’s view, however, his happy tone starts to drop as he foresees a conversation he’s had to put up with for the past few weeks now.

    “I just love the taste of this stuff,” Faye chimes as she opens the cap to her newest container of bubblegum lip gloss.  “Would you like a taste?”

    “Sure, let me see the container,” Ent says sarcastically.

    “Ha!  That’s not what I meant,” Faye leans in.

    “You’re becoming less subtle and definitely less appealing every time you try that, you know.”  Sighing as he looks at the woman he genuinely loves, he laments, “The first few times you harassed me for a kiss were tempting, but now it’s not something I even struggle with because of how obnoxious this is.”

    Faye gasps.  “I’m losing my touch?  How shameful.  All the same, I’m still waiting for the day when my boyfriend starts acting as if I’m his girlfriend.”

    Ent shakes his head.  “How is it that you were so wise and disciplined when we were friends but now all you think about is being physical?  What changed in you, Faye?”

    “I love you,” she says.  “It’s just that I can’t stop thinking about you.  Elfie, we’ve studied the Bible together on these topics.  There’s nothing wrong with a kiss, or holding hands or—”

    “I told you, Faye, all that stuff may not technically be forbidden, but it easily leads to other stuff.  I have personal standards that I intend to keep.  It wasn’t wrong for us to have dated as teens, but you respected the fact I was waiting until I turned eighteen.  Why can’t you still have that same respect for me in this stage?  Gigi and Owan are doing well in keeping the same commitment.  What’s got you so obsessed with things you shouldn’t be thinking about yet?”

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