Chapter 1   Your Final Journey


    I know I said it in the volume section page of the website, but this particular portion of the series deals a little more with mature themes than the others.  We’ll still keep it family friendly, but I thought you’d appreciate the heads up for the sake of the younger readers.  Okay, we can start the story.

    At the beginning of each class adventure, we give a picture of the main cast, followed by a shot of those participating in the current field trip.  With Cat, Jo and Abbie as the three teachers, Ent, Gigi, Owan, Paul and Faye as the five students, Doug and Mercy as the two visitors and our lovely Kamron Crystal Meyers as the lone alumnus, I have the privilege of telling you there’s no need for a second picture, because everyone present is scheduled to tag along today.  So, you might be wondering, after all the places we’ve been to throughout the series, where else there is left to go.  Well, let’s ask Cat.

    “So, come on, Cat; tell us already,” Jo begs.

    “Nope, it’s my top secret.  The only thing I’ll tell you is what I told the kids earlier.  I’m keeping my promise of crediting last year’s beautiful display of heroism to their senior year.  That means they’ve all basically passed the twelfth grade and are being rewarded with a bonus field trip, on the house!”

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