Yuli responds to Faye’s guess.  “No, he he, not at all.  The Info Depot is a part of the educational facilities, which include our spot, the science area AND Grace School of Recovery.  Both Vacy and I work at the Information Depot when Vacation Sensation is closed while most of the other employees there just sit around doing nothing.  Then again, I’m highly impressed my super active sister loves me so much to work at such a boring place.”

    “That’s silly, Yuli,” Vacy insists.  “I do love you, but I also love reading and giving people directions for Juniper.  We’re both crafted after Yuri, so it’s in our programming to be the sporty type.  In fact, that’s why I chose the colors I did for my uniform.  Not only do I like Purlie’s outfit, seeing how she is a clone twin like me, I LOVE wearing green…because it’s the color of my two wonderful bosses who helped me overcome some acceptance issues I had when first activated and presented to them.  All I wanted to do was sports and things of that nature, but I hated it because I was programmed for that, so I felt like a fake.  Not only did they adjust my settings, along with the rest of us, but they helped me with being okay with whether or not I liked sports, regardless of my initial reason, as long as it was genuinely my choice in the end, as governed by what God wants for me, of course.”

    “I chose blue,” Yuli plainly says, “because, you know, Yuri.” Everyone laughs at her shameless acceptance of being a replica of the Pretty Assassin.

    Vacy adds, “I thought about using the colors of Yuri’s partner Violet because, for such a short girl, she’s tough like me, but AB and Missy’s caring friendship won that colorful contest, ha ha.”

    Yuli nods, crossing her arms, “We really did have a tougher time adjusting than Zakura and Ben did.  Then again, those two were created to be greeters, so of course, they’d have a stronger spirit.  Even so, just because we were made to be fun or strong doesn’t mean that’s what we have always been.  Take Emma Crystal, made after I.C. Mendez.  For a while, the whole existential thing got to her so bad, she was never at work because she’d just wander around, weeping uncontrollably.  It was bad.  But once the bosses helped her get past this, everything was fine, and now Emma is a strong, elegant young woman who shares this compassion with everyone around her.”

    Visibly taken in a dreamy admiration at the very thought, Faye says aloud, “To think, Emma Crystal is a story of triumphing over adversity and acceptance while she herself is made after the granddaughter of a former Lure Bot who, by pure logical deduction, saw the truth of Christ as being more important than the very data programmed into her by her wicked creator Allure.  I just love such a story of grace and the power of a changed life.”

    “So, when are we going to see Allure?” Kammy asks Doug.  “Surely by now, she’s reformed and is living somewhere on Juniper.  If not, we should go visit her in prison, just like AB and Missy would, to let her know we love her and are cheering for her, even though she may not deserve it.”

    “I don’t think she’s here, dear,” Doug replies.  The girl’s reasoning is that of compassion, but the anxious tone in which she said this makes Mr. Rug wonder if K.C. Meyers is lacking as much sleep as he thinks Judy Joker is.  In fact, Doug realizes how long everything has gone on and voices the need to go.  “Yuli, Vacy, meeting you two was VERY worth the extra waiting.  Judy did a good thing by bringing you along, but we have to go now.  Bye!”

    Judy and the sisters are all elated at the commendation of their participation, causing Doug to give similar words of encouragement to Yuri and Kinley.

    Yuri says, “I never knew I’d be such an influence on other people.  I was always just trying to make my grandfather happy, even if my frustration did make me a jerk to my friends for a while.”

    “Well, Yuri,” Mercy says, pointing to a nearby crowded tree, “seeing how Roxy called your family over some time ago and they’ve all been sitting there, listening to Judy praise you, like a bunch of noobs, I’d say they’re all very proud of you.”  Yuri sees them and cries.

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